Hot Wheels

Do not ask me why I buy these HotWheel cars. They're just nice, OK? But for this model, I do not understand why I sacrificed my lunch money for it.

They called this the Nitro Doorslammer

It looked aggressive but because its dark in here, you'd
think its just a piece of ugly metal.

And the front has a very large opening where you can see
the engine parts. Under the car, there is a small plastic piece
for you to pull out as this is actually a "funny car" for drag races
But I prefer to keep it just like that.

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Observations in Klang II

So, I am back to that horrible place again and this time, I get the chance to do a little bit more work. Oh, I am so happy. This is one of the longest system installation for me. Its like climbing up a steep hill to fetch some water from a well with a cup.

The mounted system. We're ready to teminate the cables but
the powerpoints are not ready, not were the trunkings. Then
there is the problem of the Computer server taking up too much
space and they wanted our powerpoints too.

So, in the end, we compromised and they got their own powerpoints.
So, the Indian guy went to work to make the IT guys happy. But no
one told him to open the windows and switch off the aircon before he
starts making holes in the wall. In the end, everything was white
And I mean, EVERYTHING. Ha ha ha ha hah a

The new powerpoint for the IT guys. But now, our system looks
dirty due to the dust.

Even when we covered the system up, it still dirty
Once he made the holes, he has to cement them up again.
But before he could do that and also activate the power
for us, in come the lighting guys and we could not wait
anymore. So we went off. I mean, it would take some
time for the cement to dry anyway.
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Do you see a face? Like that of a woman's?
As if she was wearing sunglasses?

But when you look up closer, this is the actual image Posted by Picasa