Will it bite?

Tasked with helping to get rid some of his Apple related stuff on Mudah, I realised that writing Product Description for them is actually quite boring. So, sometimes I would just Cut and Paste Technical specs and sometimes, I would just write a cute-yet-interesting paragraphs for all his used and unopened items.

Until today.

Yeah, I have a busy day tomorrow and so I need to clear up a lot of things today. And with friends PM-ing me, answering the posted ads, taking photos and maintaining other stuff, time actually flew. And so, with my mind already in shambles, I decided to just wing it and if it does not work, well, I'll delete the article come Monday.

If you guys are interested, you can go to www.Mudah.my but please, only in KLCC area....

Here is an example:

Pre-Owned PQI Air Bank White with 500GB WiFi Storage

With the built in 802.11bgn Wifi and 2.5” HDD with 500GB of storage space capable of sharing with 5 devices, this PQI Air Bank runs like a Boss. You can store, view and transfer your Photos, HD movies and Documents to and fro from your devices seamlessly. After much discussion, this unit is on sale for a very much reduced price and has been sealed by the Owner, so you only get to see one photo. How about that? You don't even have to ask for a discount as its already done for you!

COD at around KLCC area is the order of the day.

My kind of cooking...

I love to make my own food. And have been doing this since College where 'proper' food is not an option unless you, well, pay more for it. And so, I am used to looking for food scraps or left-overs and turn them into a complete meal. And that is how I survived with minimum cash. And truth to be told, as far as I can remember, no toilet trips were necessary. Eating these stuff allows one to relive again and enjoy the wonderful taste you yearned days ago (or weeks later if you know how to store them into the freezer). You also get to eat what YOU wanted and in YOUR own privacy.

Take this morning's breakfast, where I have been eyeing Monday's dinner leftovers which is a bowl of chicken porridge mixed with groundnuts. And as luck might have it, we had a wonderful curry last night. So, this morning, its chicken curry porridge! Not enough peanuts? No problem! Toss some in when you heat the chicken curry porridge! Not enough potatoes in the curry? Toss some potato crisps while you're at it too!

And now, here I am, sitting and posting this Blog while I enjoy the new dish with semi-soft peanuts and soggy crisps...

The sad part is, no one, not even my Wife appreciates this.

Today's breakfast: Monday's porridge with last night's curry and week old potato crisps