Sunday afternoon at the Curve

ME: Quick! I want to be in 1-Utama asap (as in Right now)
Wife: Baby's sleeping, Dear. So we have to wait for a while
ME: Grrrrr........

By the time we reached 1-Utama at about 1430, the queue was quite long. So we diverted to Ikano. And there was also another long line waiting to go into the car park. Being slightly upset already, I made an illegal turn and went into another entrance as shown by the earlier two cars. After us, more cars followed (Oops)

This is because I always like to be at these places before 1130 (Rule of Thumb for no-hassle parking). Anyway, we got what we wanted at Ikano and after four hours of non-stop walking, we got home. We had to rush because halfway, Kristine create half a kilo of biological waste with fumes so deadly that we could be persecuted for creating something worse than Sarin Gas.

And as usual, I forgot to bring my camera because at the food court, when I ordered some Ice Kacang & Mango ice, they have the "tadpole" jellies. This brought back bad memories in Mid-Valley years ago when they did serve the Mountain Snow or something. You see, on top of the shaved ice were these jellies which really looked like tadpoles. Unfortunately, the girl at the counter used red colouring. So, it looked more like me eating from a tampon. Ugh. That was the very first time my imagination killed my appetite. Luckily, my GF stood by me and we still got married. Phew. I am not sure if they have it there in Mid-Valley since it was so long ago. But if I ever did go there again, I will have to take my camera and also to make sure Kristine is behaving herself.

Yeah, throughout the whole afternoon, she was either begging to be carried or climbing out of her pram/feeding chair. Haiyo!

Kristine was sleeping on top of me who was sleeping on top of a sofa
in Niichi in front a counter (wo)manned by four male staff dressed as females.

Even the metal grills were stolen in the toilet

It just came out and I must have it at Rm15
I don't care if its not DVD9! Just give it to me!
(But I can't get over the ridiculous motocycle fighting scene I saw in Ipoh last week)