Enterprise Navigation Lights:Some things to consider

You know what? I am very nervous about producing this circuit. One of the things I forgot to do in the very first place was to plan how to put the board. Shall I put it INSIDE the model or OUTSIDE? Well, here are some things to consider.

I am not sure why I and doing this but I have though this out through and through. But the main problem with thinking with your head and not seeing the actual model is that the head tends ot compensate the loss of 'data' with imaginary ones which tends to be wrong. The board has a minimum of 15 pairs of cables, one for power and the rest are for the LEDs. This would mean a lot of wires in the model. If I put the circuit board outside, the stand for the model would not only have to be strong to take the weight but hollow enough for all the wires. I mean, by the time I complete the other modules, there will be A LOT of wires. If I put the circuit board inside, everything would be fine but I have to see for myself, the actual space inside the model. This is the problem I have when I do not have the model with me once we move house.

OK, this is the circuit board placed inside the main
saucer and well, it looks OK. But the only problem
would be maintenance where I would have to rip
open the dish if anything goes wrong......

So, compared with the main saucer, the circuit
looks tiny. Still, for the next module, it will have
to be even smaller since I want it to be small
enough to hide inside the torpedo assembly.