Weird Dreams III

I just woke up with another bad and weird dream:

I actually went back to one of my customer to help them connect thier phone cabling after their umpteenth renovation (within a month). While I was busily terminating (connecting) the cables with my punching tool (it exists, and no, not my hands) as fast as I can, I discovered the blades inside the tool was bent (This does not happen in real life). So, I bent it back and resume my work. But no matter how perfect I bent the blade, the cables would not go in. My colleague next to me was punching like there was no tomorrow, unaware of my predicament. I punched more and more but its the same result.

Weird. Must be another anxiety coming.

At one point in their lives, every woman would like to have a hot dog between her legs
But you, woman, are just trying to make enemies with the SPCA