Traffic Jam at KLIA

Because its a Sunday night, we thought there were not much people at the airport. Boy were we wrong! By the time we got our stuff and came out of the doors, there were a lot of passengers queuing up for the Airport Taxis and Limos.

Initially, my idea was to use the KLIA Express which would cost RM70 for two. But taking the taxi for RM58.50 is much cheaper and since my colleague can fetch me back from PJ, who am I to argue?

The queue took us about 25 minutes. There were a lot of frustrated passengers returning their tickets and chose the ("illegal") touts instead. Anyway, when it came to our turn, there was a black taxi and a white proton Wira. Luckily for us (heh heh) the Japanese passenger got into the Wira and we got into the bigger taxi. For RM58.50, this is a very good deal. I think it was because of the long queue, they brought these taxis in instead of the normal Proton Wiras. And if we did get the Wira, well, its like paying RM100 for a half-eaten MacDonalds Big Mac.

This is what we saw when we came out

And horrors, after 15 minutes, we were still here!

We were lucky to have this Taxi

Finally, this is something we need to do more often

So, I bought some peppers and some Bird's nest Jelly sweet which I have never tried before

Ah Bengs in the plane

We were seated at the back of the plane when these three guys came in. Since most of the overhead compartments are closed, and with the "These lids can only be opened and closed once", they have no place to put their luggage. So, they did the next best thing which is to put them on the seats, until..........

The stewardess came

And they were surprised when she told them to store their luggage in the front compartments which has not been closed yet

So, off they go, with the bags

And no, his clothes were not ripped but made to look like it

The toilets are conveniently located just behind us where I get to smell all those bodily stuff and disinfectants. Oh, and I get to watch the air stewardesses count the money from the food and souvenint purhcases. Ha ha ha ha ha

Hotel courtesy

Please do remember that after your stay in the hotel, be kind and courteous to the next occupant;

Do not shake all the softdrink cans in the fridge

There is nothing worse than opening a can of Coke
all over the room

System Installation @ Kuching Part III

Today is the last day of the installation and we're working like crazy. I think I walked about 3KM going through and fro. We have installed all the phonesets, tested them and are in working order. By 1815, we're rushing to the airport for our 1945 flight. (OK, we stopped to buy some foodstuff for our wives back home and pepper!)

Knowing Murphy's Law only too well, Monday is going to be Hell since we're not around to help.

Its 1630 in the afternoon and I flipped the switch.......
say, "Bye-Bye"