Iron Man came to our house!

Well not really. He literally came in one piece. Just ONE piece and missing the glove.

As discussed the previous night, at The Outpost shop, since Richard did not have the Iron Man costume for me to examine, it was almost impossible for me to decide how I would approach his costume problem with the toy. Further probing from him more or less confirms that there was no need for any drilling. But still, I was clueless.

Movie War Machine or Mark II?

And so, as promised, he came over to my house with the Iron Man chest segment for me to work with, and I have at least three hours before he returns for them. Which is fine for me as I can now finish this job instead of letting things hang. Previous nights discussions led us from meeting at The Outpost, or SS1 or, some other place but as things progressed, and with Lady Luck beside me, it ended up at our house. I mean, if I were to go to these other places, Friday evening jams are going to shatter all our well laid plans.

And best of all , Peter was there later in the evening bringing a packet of sweet and stuff, much to the delight of the girls. And so, both of us waited and waited for *ahem* someone to show up which he did, eventually, about an hour past the deadline. And so, he got he armour, I got a repulsor toy to 'play' with for one week. But suffice to say, at the end of the night, we 'booked' a lot of good stuff, which I think, might not be heading to the shop but to our homes. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kaelynn look as menacing as possible
with the chest armour.

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The Toy Story 2 visit

When I came back from work, Kristine was excited. No, not because of me but because of something that happened at school. Apparently, there was a visit from someone from Hong Kong who showed them snippets of Toy Story. And they got presents. Kristine told us she got first prize for her drawing efforts.

And so, this lady from Hong Kong
save Kristine a nice bag of stuff

For her, erm, personal interpretation
of Woody from Toy Story...... erm, wow.
Maybe she has my ahem creativity and
imagination........ Well, I hope so, anyway.

GreenTech 2010

I am still not sure where this 'green' thing is heading when it comes to Malaysia. For all you know, its just another 'theme' for making money and nothing to do with conserving the environment or stop the culling of animals, etc. Because, I was expecting a lot of the 'right' people to be there. Just to lower the bar, I was expecting just, well, people to be there.

But it wasn't. And to tell you something, either the Expo organisers were not doing their best or, no one is interested about the environment. Because, people, this show was great! It not only opened my eyes about the participant's efforts in helping various Industries in saving the Environment, it also tells me where we stand as a whole. You have companies which uses bio technology (you) to clean litter, paints that reduce tempratures, technologies which improves air-con efficiency and even alternative lighting. I was so excited, that I literally had to stop myself from taking too much pictures unconsciously as sometimes, you really need to ask their permission first. Anyway, here are some highlights:

There were two companies that were using recycled
waste to turn them into something useful. One of
them was BerjayaPak which turned broken pallet
wood from this.....

..... to this. And what is good
is that they are waterproof!

This is a thin film printable solar cell, which can
be used on curved surfaces and also in everyday
products such as umbrellas, tents, backpacks, etc.
But its efficiency still needs to be improved to
match the actual photovoltaics. Here, a small area
is enough to generate power for some LEDs uisng
only fluorescents.

Sadly, not many shared my enthusiasm

Suffice to say, this was a great show. Maybe I am expecting too much on a Friday afternoon but to be honest, I was actuall hoping to get some samples and/or souvenirs from these amazing technologies but well, brochures for the Boss is enough. Well, heres to GreenTech 2011 or more of these shows this year!