Today is the First Day of the Year and everyone is wearing new clothes. After the Tea Ceremony, Kristine was very quite active and made us all laugh with her antics.

Kristine is head over heels over her new clothes for the New Year

And she is even willing to share her Mandarin Oranges,
making everyone happy

But what happens when we're not looking?

Because she broke my glasses
(Luckily the UHU Glue is holding it together for a few days)

[Update: 01/02/2006]
The England Optics shop at 1-Utama made my replacement in under an hour
But I am RM548 poorer. Sob! Sob!

Weird Dreams VI

Yesterday, I was called in an Emergency request to settle an internal dispute between two professors in my former University. Since I had no jobs, I agreed. Once that was done, I could only offer the remaining Professor my remaining (ex-company)name card, trying to show that I succeeded as a Technical Manager, which I was chided because I did not have any left. I know, I know, the excuse was that this was an emergency case, I did not bring enough. Then, since I was next door, my next assignment was to help in a presentation for my Ex-Company.

Which I kow nothing about and was hoping to wing through the whole thing. Unfortunately, the lecture hall was packed, and it was dark, like in a cinema. This was to launch the new Notebook which I was only given a brochure for my preparation. Just then, the real speakers, one of them was my ex-partner, came in and the rest of the team shunned me like I was invisible. So, now I know my role there, as a back-up. As I packed to leave, I had problems looking for my car in the rain, until I found it wedged between some vans.

So, after knocking a car, I moved off and faced the difficult London traffic as I was lost. It was still raining and I was wondering what went wrong with my car as it was so uncomfortable. Until my wife at the back told me, my car was actually a kapchai (Small Honda motocycle), and to stop complaining. So there I was, riding in the dark and gloomy London rain, with my wife and two daughters (?!!!) at the back, looking for the road to the Heathrow Airport.

I asked for direction from a bloke who assumed I was from Indonesia which I hapily said so, until me guilt came and I shamefully admitted I was from Malaysia. Nevertheless, after much driving, I think ................... then I woke up, feeling sad and like a worthless unsuccessful bum.

Maybe its the New Year Mood, maybe its the heat, maybe it was the DVD marathon, or maybe its just me. But I find that dream very disturbing. Very disturbing indeed.

Chinese New Year Eve 2006 Part II

So, for Chinese New Year's Eve, we decided to have it at Pearl of the Orient restaurant at The Equestrian & Country Club. This is because for the past few years, we're a bit too busy doing our spring cleaning and also the necessary preparations. Moreover, we're happy because there is no need to wash all the dishes! (Esp. me)

[Update 09/02/2006]
The package included a bottle of wine which we never opened even until now....

This is the Salmon Yee Sang we got

And yes, its really a lot. We only managed to finish half of it
And like the rest of the food, we had to ask the waitress to pack it for us.
So, the RM 688 package was really worth it.

Kristine and her Aunt

Kristine's trying something ......... purple

She was so engrossed in there that when one kid stepped on her fingers had no effect on her

After dinner, she got new pyjamas

Those cute lil' eyes.....

How much is Daddy giving Kristine?

Chinese New Year Eve 2006

Well, today is Chinese New Year Eve and its a Saturday. Therefore, as expected, there was a massive traffic jam leading out of the City last night. And with us staying the furthest, we were the first to arrive, despite the jam, thanks to Touch & Go.

Anyway, although I was in the CNY mood this morning, there was a lot of cleaning up at the Office. But once its over, its time to go home.

Ah, yes, you really must experience Chinese New Year Malaysian style:

1) The roads are free from other moving obstacles
2) Police traps are everywhere (spotted one just now)
3) Its scorching hot
4) You can even sleep on the road
5) Its very very quiet (except for tonight)
6) And it still scorchingly hot

Anyway, I would like to wish you all


One afternoon at YS Khong

So, today was a good day to have my car serviced. OK, it clocked 13,000Km already and I should have had the engine oil chaged at 5,000Km. I called up the place and made the appointment to service my car. Unfortunately, I forgot about this week's horrendous jam around PJ area (Most probably people taking leave for the last minute Chinese New Year rush) which delayed me for an hour. Xarrax was there, ready to service my car after finishing the last one. He did asked me about my car's history because the chassis seemed worryingly soft............ Oh-oh
(This oh-oh can cost me RM4-5,000)

Anyway, Ivan was there and after sitting in my car, he confirmed both lower arm bars are gone. Or should I say, the bearings. This means more repair money. Aiyaiyayaiyai.

When I turned the filter upside-down, all the dirt fell onto my hands
Itsw as if you turned a sieve upside-down

Look what I found at their junk pile!
The problem is where I should put in my car......

MacFarlane's Robocop

While doing my spring cleaning, I came across this toy. Since the packaging was badly damaged (OK, I wanted a reason to open it) I decided to free the poor little fella. I always wanted a Robocop Toy and this is as close as I can get. A Japanese brand (7 years ago) had a Robocop figure which has an opening right leg for his gun.

Anyway, since I did not have the time, here are some fast pics.

The blister pack is blistered

Robocop is about to fine a Mandarin Orange for illegal parking

I always love this shot but there was not enough time to set it up properly

Spring Cleaning

Once a year, we have to do the dreaded chore of spring cleaning before the New Year starts. And this time, spring cleaning for me was very different.

Here is the reason:

Every item I arrange and put away, Kristine throws them onto the floor

What were we thinking?

Kristine is beginning to be a handful, crawling here and there. She also never lets us forget that she has a very loud voice too.

We had to put her somewhere while I prepare the bath water........

Krisitne and the Mandarin Oranges

After having a penchant for oranges, my Mom gave her some Mandaring oranges which is sweet. And as usual, one piece is never enough................

Please sir, can I have some more?
See? when she is not aware, Kristine CAN stand on her own

Alantam's Bak Gua

Thanks to AlamTam, an AutoWorld Forummer, we now have dried meats for Chinese New Year. He was a bit late for the TT (Teh Tarik Session where one hangs around and orders drinks/food at a mamak stall) as he was busy packing all our orders the whole evening. But the wait is worth it because once we tasted the samples it was quite delicious. So, I am going to keep mine in low profile until a day or two before Chinese New Year as I can tell, they could be gone withing two days. And Unker Kinghamsap was there too, where I got a pair of his nuts for my attendance. Ha ha ha

Two coconuts, a packet of chicken dried meat
and a packet of pork dried meat

Late nights

Since the New Year, I have been sitting up all night thinking about stuffs. You know, stuff stuff. It got so bad that last night, I went to bed at 4 in the morning. And I had a dream.

I was an Electronic Organ tuner (it does not exist, ok?) at some Datin's house and then, all of a sudden I was promoted to be her Personal Assistance and had to handle her evening event as there was going to be some party. I had to fight with her two fat daughters and also some security personnel. It was chaotic because no one believed I was her PA.

Then the weird thing happened but I forgot what it was.............

Long Lost Friend

I just had dinner with my friend, Yong. We were dorm mates since the early 90's and after the Economy downturn, we did not see each other anymore.

Although both of us had moved on, but we still do keep in touch via the Internet. So, it was by chance that he told me he would be working in KL until April. After some discussion, we decided to have dinner at KLCC since it is near where he is staying.

And we ended up at Madam Kwan's. OK, first of allI have to admit I don't even know who she was. And having a restaurant to her name is a bit odd. The first image that came to me when he mentioned her name was that of some 50's type chinese cafe near KLCC. Ha ha ha

Anyway, suffice to say, we did have a freat time and he is happy to meet me again. We discussed plans for our own future, and also the posibilities for a group project. I am happy too as this is also what I wanted to do but lacking in connections and the enthusiasm (of a long gone fire) to see it through.

Still, this is the very first step and hopefully, in a years time, we can see how we stand

All this and I whacked the whole plate of sambal petai. Man, I can tell you that the toilet stinks after my session. Luckily, I did not have any passengers today or else I could be sued for causing environment pollution.

How to break a bowl

How his happened, I would never know. I suspect that when the hot instant noodles were poured into the bowl, there must be some cold water outside the base. Therefore, in Physics, where the inner surface is hot, it expands. Unfortunately, the outer surface is still cold.

Yeah, crack.

This is almost perfect. The base is gone while the side walls are still intact
No, this was not done by me

The Tough Toshiba Telephone

I did a post about this phone months ago (can't find it now) where the customer's Office was on fire. We were not allowed into the site as the Firemen has sealed the place off. I was interested to get the phone and see if it still works......

Fast forward to 2006, I visited the customer again, and she was happy to take it off her hands. So, once I got it, I was so happy. After plugging the phone into my test system, it still works, except for a few buttons which I might need to have it repaired.

The whole table was on fire, even the Notebook was not spared and this phone survived. That's proof how good Toshiba Phones are. Heh Heh.

Most of the plastics were melted

The buttons have gone out of shape

Like chocolates melting on a hot pan

But the LCD Display still works

This is not plastic wrapper but the transparent cover

Even the handset is mishapen

But it still works!
(OK, except for a few buttons)

My latest Mobile Phone

Well, the other Nokia 6110 has bitten the dust. It has been dropped, drowned and de-powered. It is my company's mobile phone which I am supposed to take good care of it. (I swear, I did my best, OK.)

So, my Boss got me a new one, which is small and shaped like those Samsung sliders. The purpose, he claims, is for me to be more careful with it. So far, the only complain is that the handsfree volume is quite soft and also there is no data transfer cable so I cannot test how good the 1.3MP camera is.

Yeah, I was addicted to one of their games, Polygon Pursuit which really drained the batteries. Then again, it lasts about one day any way. Just like the Proton Waja's Fuel gauge, once the battery reaches a certain level, the phone shuts off.

AWG - Advanced Wireless Group
And I am not sure what model it is 528 something

There is something wrong with Blogger

All my pictures do not show up unless you click on it. Its been more than a week now

Penang's Changing weather

The menacing rain clouds blocking the Sun

Let me set the camera ..... rats! Its raining

Within seconds, the whole scene changed

TT in Penang

OK, we finally had a nice TT near Penang's MegaMall. We settled for a Korean Restaurant which I completely forgot its name. But we had a nice time eating there (and I whacked all the garlic). After that, we adjourned to MegaMall where I bought some DVDs (Original? Fairy Airforce and Macross Zero and a VCD for babies) before settling at Starbucks.

TT with AutoWorld Forummers
For those who know, you know who they are and for those who do not, its not life threatening.

We ordered the Bulgogi set
The pan is heated (through a hole) from a stove underneath the table
And I whacked all the garlic

Then, this is another dish from the set and I whacked all the garlic

Each of us had a bowl of herbal soup
But there were no garlic in it

System Upgrade @ Penang

So, after arriving in Penang last night, we started work today. If it wasn't for the jam at the Penang Bridge yesterday, we could have off-loaded all the equipment at our customer's Office and I would have slept better instead of worrying about car break-ins.

Anyway, the job is to upgrade the system to increase its capacity (and more phones). Unfortunately, halfway through the task, the cable guys who cut off the Credit Card lines forgot one tiny fact that no one knows which numbers are for the credit cards. This would mean we have to stay another night in Penang so that the girl (one of the staff who did not answer her modile phone) can help us out on Tuesday morning. Haih.

One more night in Penang.
One more night

I miss my baby
I miss my Wife

Open the small door and follow the white rabbit.....

And under there, you will see the system

Me: What is this?
Me: Got potatoes, ah?
MM: We don't do potatoes
Me: What is this? Look slike potatoes
MM: Its Sotong (bla bla bla) eggs
Me: Oh, Uh, OK I'll take this vege instead
MM: OK, I give you extra sauce (ladle all the sauce from every dish)
Me: ........... :-O

Our dinner, courtesy of the Customer
Very hot, spicy, sweet and well, curry-ish at the same time

Happy New Year!

OK, so I was a bit late in reaching Penang today as I woke up with a stupid neck sprain and a slight food poisoning. Suffice to say, I could not stand and everything was spinning like crazy.
By the time I got to Penang, it was almost five in the evening.

There was a heavy jam at the Penang Bridge entrance
We found out it was due to a fender bender up ahead

Happy New Year!
There was a small firework in front of our window

By the time I got everything focused, it was all over

Lots of ppl below and a nice heavy jam as well

And how did I managed to blog?
Cititel has a prepaid card for Boradband access
RM8 for 1 hour, RM15 for 3 hours and RM20 for 24 hours

Woo! Lookit the speed! Its fast!!!

A second opinion, I am now confused whether its still fast or just so-so

And on the New Year's Eve, Loctor Mayat and I had a wonderful BBQ+Steamboat dinner. Another AutoWorld Forummer, nick900 joined us briefly. Unfortunately, we had to pay for him as well although he did not stay for any food. (Should have hidden the his cup of water. He he he he he)

So, how did 2005 treat me?
01) Kristine grew
02) My new work is getting better
03) I love my Wife more
04) I went to Johor
05) I went to Ipoh
06) I went to Temerloh
07) I went to Sarawak
08) I went to Alor Setar
09) I went to Penang
10) I started on a new fantasy project which I intend to finish
11) I broke more things than I should
12) I am starting to like the two red lines.....
13) I met more AutoWorld Forummers
14) I did not go to Singapore
15) Kristine Celebrated her first Chinese New Year
16) Kristine Celebrated her first Birthday