Long Lost Friend

I just had dinner with my friend, Yong. We were dorm mates since the early 90's and after the Economy downturn, we did not see each other anymore.

Although both of us had moved on, but we still do keep in touch via the Internet. So, it was by chance that he told me he would be working in KL until April. After some discussion, we decided to have dinner at KLCC since it is near where he is staying.

And we ended up at Madam Kwan's. OK, first of allI have to admit I don't even know who she was. And having a restaurant to her name is a bit odd. The first image that came to me when he mentioned her name was that of some 50's type chinese cafe near KLCC. Ha ha ha

Anyway, suffice to say, we did have a freat time and he is happy to meet me again. We discussed plans for our own future, and also the posibilities for a group project. I am happy too as this is also what I wanted to do but lacking in connections and the enthusiasm (of a long gone fire) to see it through.

Still, this is the very first step and hopefully, in a years time, we can see how we stand

All this and I whacked the whole plate of sambal petai. Man, I can tell you that the toilet stinks after my session. Luckily, I did not have any passengers today or else I could be sued for causing environment pollution.

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