Who called me?

You know, the one thing I did not take into consideration is that a lot of people might go through my Blog and Website either by the link or it has been pasted into some other Forums. Still, the end result is that someone who knew someone else who knew me or used to know me, called me up and (Thank God no one E-Mailed me yet) after much discussions, I am trying to get to the Sunday event to show how I made the lightsaber, that is if I can finish the Housework by then. But in actual fact, after much thinking, I realised that my Lightsaber is a bit too "boring". So, I happen to pass by a shop which sells stickers and I added them to the hilt. Originally, I wanted to spray paint it but I decided the sticker is the best solution since it will be handled a lot.

The Lightsaber with more changes