China Dolls

Yes, I am sure every kid go into one of these phases at one time or another. Mommy or Grandma would tie up your hair ala Chinese kids style.......

For some reason, I have no comments as I am laughing too much until I farted.

The morning after

Ah, so nice that today is Sunday. Which is great because I could not sleep last night until early morning no thanks to the sambal at Madam Lim's. I think I had about 7 trips to the toilet which really left me dehydrated. About the service there, is almost the same at those Mamak restaurants. They're either ignoring you or bugging you with the, "Apa mau minum". This is how they bug you, one of them would ask you for your order, and then goes off to get it. Now, eventhough the next guy were within each other's fart range they will still come to you and asks you for your order as if you've just arrived. And you cannot, I repeat, cannot lose your temper in case they you meal tastes funny. Despite that, the portions at Madam Lim's are plentiful. I would recommend you to eat there if your main objective is to fill your stomach or you've just lost your tongue.

This is the lock which we needed for so long..... that the girls cannot ransack the cupboard while
we;re gone. There are a lot of heavy objects in there
which can cause more than just permanent memory

OK, this is the boots my Wife got for me. She haggled and
haggled until they dropped RM9.00. From their website,
the boots were selling at the suggested price of RM179.00.
All the while, Kristine and I hid behind the shelves in case
the four men got embarassed and decided to look for me
for bringing her to that shop. Ha ha ha ha

On the left is the 2 year old RM85 boots. And on the
left is the new RM170 boots. WHen I got this brand
for the first time in 2001, it lasted me four years,
very close to almost five.

Never will I ever go for boots that uses zips. Just the old
fashioned showlaces will do. I mean, they failed in just
weeks when I got them. So, every step would mean the
zips would come down and make the shoes feel loose.

Oh no, I am not going to buy new soles yet since they are
still useable. That would mean more money spent.

Also, I got myself another car freshener as the old one,
which looks more like a cookie stopped giving smells
(Ha ha) and is missing somewhere inside the car. This
is the main reason why I do not like to use company
as everyone would smoke while driving.

Just one squirt and with this fragrance, it reminds you
of the quick exit of someone who just had an affair in