Where's Christmas, there's Santa

I got an SMS from Richard all of a sudden because he has some Tron Identity Disc with him. And that was the most exciting news for the evening. OK, yes, so I do have one Tron DID with me and it belongs to the character, Sam Flynn (blue and black). But the one with Richard was Kevin Flynn's (all white) and Rinzler's (orange and black). A week ago, when he told me that he had some, I thought it was those Replica versions (another name for frisbee for this movie's toys) but he did insist it was the one with electronics. Having not seen any, I told him that if it really did have electronics, I will take Rinzler's (and forgot about the Kevin Flynn's one).

It was not until a few days later that these two discs start to show up on eBay and I was really excited. And when Richard came, he showed me the two discs and instantly, I wanted Kevin Flynn's version. But alas, since I did not confirm earlier, it was not mine. And so, I had to take Rinzler's. I have tried a few times to ask Richard for it but well, its my mistake after all. Now, too late, I anticipate that this Kevin IDD might be a very sought after item since its all white and there were limited one in a carton.

Before I elaborate much further, let me tell yo uabout the three discs and why I think its a mix n' match job. Besides using the same White LED lights and sound circuit board, there is really no difference in any of the three discs. But in terms of colour, there is a big difference. Let's have a brief comparison at the Deluxe Identity Discs below::

Sam Flynn DID: Black Disc with Clear Blue "C" ring and Blue soft bumpers.
Rinzer DID : Black Disc with Clear Orange "C" ring and Orange soft bumpers.
Kevin Flynn DID: White Disc with Clear "C" ring and Clear soft bumpers.

OK, so they mix the black discs with the white, change the "C" rings and bumpers and you get the three different discs (In actual fact, if you mix n' match everything, you get more). So now, what is so important about Kevin Flynn's DID is that it has clear "C" ring and a semi-transparent clear bumpers. If you really want to do an actual Sam Flynn, all you have to do is to take the clear parts and transplant them onto a black disc. Heck, in fact, if you wanted a greed disc, a yellow disc, a pink disc, etc,, all you have to do is to use the clear parts and insert the appropriate colour gel sheets between the LEDs and the bumpers and there you go.

I know this because in a Replica Forum, someone is actually re-casting the Sam Flynn DID toy's "C" ring and teh bumpers into clear for this very purpose. But I hope he made his money because once the Kevin Flynn disc is really out in the open, all orders would stop. But this is still positive news because in this unique Forum, most of the members are very good at making props or stuff.

Richard and I did discuss more about next year, mainly about my Back to the Future II Flying De Lorean toy. We also did discuss about the Battlestar Model and also the pricing on the local toys circuit especially the ones in Amcorp Mall's Weekend bazaar. Anyway, I am not sure of his plans for 2011 but here's hoping there are more toys.....

Oh, and one last thing. Richard is selling them at a very affordable price and you should get them instead of being scalped at Amcorp Mall's Weekend bazaar. But if you bought one weeks ago, I don't blame you since this is the price we pay for, when we want to the the first in the block to have them. And speaking about price, because of my services, I got a very good discount. Heh.

Rinzler's ID disc versus Sam Flynn's ID disc

Its Orange versus Blue. Both are the same except for
the colour of the "C" parts and the bumper. I called
it the bumper because when you play with it, you
tend to 'bump' it into a lot of things. So, this semi-
hard material absorbs the excess kinetic force.