Cleaning up

When we maintain a PABX system, we always try to make sure that it is neat and tidy. Everything must be neatly placed and looks good. Because to a customer, the PABX is a not so important asset. But they do not realise that this IS one of the most important business too in their company. They would take it for granted until something wrong happens.

And depending on select customers, we will offer or encourage them to sign maintenance contracts with us. And when they do, we know there would be a huge maintenance job to be done. From the wiring to the system's surroundings, we would have to make sure everything is in order. The reason being is that, since we're maintaining it, then we would need to know where each wire is going to and why. Once this is done, the customer would then "take notice" of their PABX system which was gathering dust or neglecting in one corner.

Our maintenance is more to keep the system running and not to replace it since Toshiba systems lasts for a long time.

This is a 100-pair Distribution box. As
you can see, it is badly maintained as
the technician doing is was more for his
own convenience and also to save time.
However, a few weeks down the road,
he would have forgotten what he did so
he would be wasting more time looking
for a particular cable.