SS2 Morning Market

SS2 has a morning market. This, I did not know. All the while I was working in PJ since the mid-90's, I only knew that they had Night Markets there on Monday nights and across the road on Thursdays nights. Actually, what made me go there was because of a certain food.

It all started when the supplier came and generously gave the Production Head a lot of 'Kuih Teo Chew'. It was something new to me and it looked very much like those gyoza things. The only difference is that they're vegetarian and (someone in the office said) cooked with pork lard. OK, that makes it more delicious. But what caught me was their sauce. At one glance, it was just brown sauce, almost like those satay peanut sauce. But once I dip it into the sauce, I was hooked. I can't really describe the taste but its a bit sweet, and has an after-taste of those bottled garlic chili.

The only problem was that the supplier got it 'somewhere' in Cheras. Knowing Cheras is a big area, its like looking for a needle in a.... Moon. Fortunately, the HOD knows where to get them and advised me to look for it in the SS2 Morning market...

And this morning, is where I am headed. I have passed by this route many times and after so many years, they now have grass. So, its now easier to throw rubbish in there as the will hide everything. Yeah, right.

After going round and round, I finally managed to get a parking spot. The whole area is as busy as it was during the Night Markets.

All of a sudden, the whole area went quiet and some traders are 'quietly'' closing their stalls and/or pulling them away. Apparently, the DBKL Officers are making their rounds, looking for those who, well, did not obey the Law. Which Law, I am not sure but I guess its something to do with Trading Licenses and inappropriate trading locations.

So, I went into the Market instead.

And whoa! what a sight! There are so many things on sale in there, making even the Bangsar Wet Market look abysmally inadequate. Then again, Bangsar's Wet Market has TMC behind them for reinforcements.

You want chicken? Here you are. Fresh!

You want prawns? Here you are. Big!

You want this? Here you.. oh, must queue up one...

Association of Old Wives updating their tales...

The DBKL Officers have left and once again, I approached this van which I suspect is selling what I was after. The HOD did mention something about selling on a corner. True enough, they are selling the 'Kueh Teo Chew'.

A stark contrast to the busy market lane outside

Oh boy! Petai! I am tempted to get it but in the house, only the two of us would eat them.

Wanted to get some Nasi Lemak for the whole family but alas, they have run out of chicken curry, only the sambal was left.

Bought some DVDs and well, I know 'Flesh Wound' suchks but I just want to see how post-Hercules Kevin Sorbo performs. [Update: 2 weeks alter: Euuuwwww... he sucked big time]

And finally, the haul from the market. In the foreground was some BBQ pork which I got for RM6.00 I thought it was cheap until I realised Rm6.00 can only get you so much.

Ah, the infamous 'Kuih Teo Chew'. Heaven!