The weekend System Down

Belated post[02.11.2009 13:47]

This actually happened last Friday, just after I left the customer. I was already rushing to get my Notebook back as they have "repaired" it. While I was at the place, I heard a few loud thunder followed with very bright flashes. This is serious because, if they were very loud while I was in the showroom, then it is deafening outside.

And in less than five minutes, the same customer called me again, explaining about the PBX's weird behaviour. It does not need a genius to come up with the conclusion that his phone system was affected by the lightning minutes ago.

And so, after collecting my Notebook, I rushed back to his Office. Unfortunately, since it is already a Friday Evening, after getting away from the evening traffic rush, it was already 40 minutes. Can you believe that? 40 minutes for a 5Km drive. OK, in the rain.

Anyway, after looking at the system, there is nothing much I can do but to take it back to the office for diagnosis. The rest of the staff were so happy whey they heard that. Weird.

And so, on Monday morning, I rushed over to his Office once again, with the loan system. The cards would be delivered to me by my Tech. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, I tested the loan system, it got shorted out and so, I had to drive back to my Office to get another loan system.

This was the original setup. Their
expansion cabinet (below) got
struck. Because of that, all the
cards I brought was useless.

The first thing I would want to see would be traces
of damage. And there they are. A broken glass
discharge tube. This is bad. Very, very bad.

I pulled out the card and saw the damage. The relay
cover has exploded. And where the yellow dotted
lines were, was the former glass tube. Surrounding
them are the burnt marks. Because of these damage,
I need to show them to the customer in case they're
wondering why I suddenly turned so serious.

After coming back from the office, I
placed the loaner cabinet onto the
makeshift drawers. No point going
to mount them again as their own
cabinet has been sent for repair.

Oh, today was also the first time I used the new
Subang Highway (from The Airport road towards
the Jalan Kewajipan) . You can see the Subang
Medical Centre on the right. This route would
have been better if they built another entrance
from the Federal Highway.

A Powdered Night

Belated post[01.11.2009 21:06]

OK, so my parents went out the whole night and came back with a lot of essential items. And by the time we came back, the floor was filled with a lot of things. Great, its groceries night and the fridge would be stuffed with a lot of wonderful things such as frozen meats, veges and so on.

But I was wrong. Tonight, its powdered stuff night
There were powdered Teh Tarik, Powdered Milk,
powdered powders, and other powdered stuff.
The only thing missing was the powdered Coffee.

And we have two new plastic storage containers.
No, its not Tupperware (They're so 60's)

Oh heck. Someone robbed a coffee shop. Just
imagine if there was a flash flood (which is
highly unlikely because we like on a hill and
if there was, the whole Country would be in
deep trouble.) I can see all the fishies and
rats getting high.

The Rehearsal

Belated post[01.11.2009]

This is the first of the two concert rehearsals which Kristine needs to attend before the actual even this coming Saturday. And so, we have to make sure she is at the hall by 1300. Which is fine but unfortunately, there were no programs about the rehearsal and by the time it was underway, a lot of children were hungry, including Kristine.

Kristine was the first in her group to arrive.

I like the design of the school. The whole
area doubles as a school and a big covered
sports hall. So, children can play even if its
raining outside. Great design.

A few minutes after one, all the students start to
trickle in. I did not need to go out but I do know
that its chaos out there with parents blocking
the road while they take their kinds inside. I was
nearby in case Kristine felt nervous. Children do
tend to do that when in a new place eventhough
their parents are around.

Less than 15 minutes later, the hall is packed and
she is looking very cheerful after most of her
classmates have arrived. Now, all the students
have to wait for the teachers to start the event.

But fifteen minutes into the waiting period, something
was wrong as she was not smiling anymore. Kristine
looked as if she was about to cry. When I came to her,
she said she was hungry. Then I realised that in our
hurry to get here, I did not see her eat anything.

So I rushed to the 7-11 which I
noticed when we passed by and
I got her some buns and Slurpee

And guess what? While she was eating, her
class was already on stage. Without making
it worse, we waited until she finished eating
and I asked the teachers if she could go on
stage. Once she said yes, Krsitine was led to
the front of the stage.

Because the food has not kicked in, Kristine
looked very gloomy and unsure. Eventually,
she was led to the back of the stage.

After their rehearsal, her class was given some
water and a small bun. But since Kristine had
eaten, she refused the bun, much to Kaelynn's
dismay. But her class was wondering how come
she got Slurpee instead of plain water........

By now, the sugar in the food has kicked in
and she is starting to be mischevious.

And so did her whole class. Someone took a violin
and opened it up where everyone was about to
start playing with it. Luckily, the teacher was
able to stop them, Because I am not going to pay
for that violin if its broken. No, siree.

By this time, the sky was getting darker due to
the heavy rain clouds and so, we asked if we
can take her home which the teacher said yes.
And so, we went to MacDonalds where I had
a one burger-less Big Mac. Its been more than
a year since I had one and this was something
to remember. Ha ha ha ha
OK, OK. After I showed it to the counter,
they slapped the meat and some lettuce.
As usual, the Big Mac went all over my hand

Yum yum

The Aunt from US

Belated post[01.11.2009 0945]

Our Auntie from US arrived last night while we were in Bukit Tinggi. And so, this morning, after rushing to get some Prawn Mee for her breakfast, we sort of got acquanted. Or rather, the girls got to know more about their Great Aunt.

Both girls were given the gift of Dora's Bedtime
Stories, which they have to share.

Kaelynn was fascinated with the pictures

But it was Kristine who surprised everyone as she
could read most of the words by herself! And as
usual, my Wife got the praise. Yep, I got nothing.

Open House @ Bukit Tinggi

Belated post[31.10.2009 23:30]

One of our nephew has bought a house in Bukit Tinggi and the location is quite good. Provided you do not work in KL or PJ, that is. Just in front of the street would be the largest JayaJusco shopping centre and next to them would be Bandar Botanic, a very beautiful township.

And so, with the house warming, everyone was there. And it was quite an enjoyable evening. Alas for me, even with walking distance, I was not able to step foot into JayaJusco. Still, it was a great evening and I am so tempted to get the "Aliens in the Attic" DVD they put on.

The food for the night was delicious.

There were two type of crab dishes but unfortunately,
for Kristine, both of them were spicy and hot.

I forgot what this was called but its a favourite
as there were peanuts. Soft, delicious peanuts.

Its been more than two decades since I had this.
They cut off the top of the shells, and cooked the
snails. All you have to do is to pick them up with
your fingers and suck the snail out.

Kristine pointing to the glutinous rice

Kaelynn unsure what to make of the pineapple jelly

Ryan and his dinner

The girls with Yen Yen, playing finger puppets

Kung Fu Panda show! Po and Oogway

Yes, they're both enjoying themselves.

More finger puppet mayhem

Kristine showing how Po and Oggway
settle their differences

Finally, when we come back home,
everyone was exhausted