Shopping at Mid-Valley

We had to go to Mid-Valley. We had to. As I have the money now, Wife needs to buy some clothes for the both of us. this was because although I have bought mine months ahead, it was not suitable (because the cheapskate T-shirts I bought was "recycled") and my Mom insists I get something with yellow or gold. As the kids's clothes have already been dealt with weeks ago, this was our only and last chance to get something for ourselves.

Not only that, its a good time to test out the Nokia's camera function too. Bear in mind, if you have done the settings such as White Balance and so on, once you exit from that function and go in again, it will be gone. Which is logical. But when you want to shoot a lot and have the camera on and off, I found that by just using the keylock protector slide would do the trick as the camera function is still on but just on standby.

Kristine reacting to the coldness of the "Air Mata Kucing" drink

Kristine with one of her weird camera poses

The girls and thier squatting poses

Kristine wanted this but we could not afford such sets right now

Luckily I did not buy it because a few seconds later, they got distracted
with other toys.

While Mommy went to buy her own stuff, I have to keep the girls busy
so that they would not distract her and also scream all over the department
store. Here, Krsitine is trying to drive as normal as she can.

While Kaelynn drives as gentle as she can

While Kristine's still at it, Kaelynn decided to try the drums

In the end, they settled for some touch-screen game which picqued their
curiosity. Bear in mind, all the stuff they played, I could not put the tokens
in even if I wanted to because once the girls realised its "working" they
would come off it and run away.

In the end, they settled for some education videos

And they got bored very fast. Mommy is taking too long
and we all decided to look for her

Kaelynn could not resist in vandalising some things on the way

One last round at the Toys department, this time with Kaelynn holding
the reins while Kristine enjoys the ride. I think this was how most of
the rides got broken this way and so,we quickly "escaped"

No, Kaelynn did not take the mango pudding away. Its just that
Kristine has started with a lot of weird camera poses for me

One thing I noticed was that there were some games which requires you
to purchase loads of cards and swipe them at the right moment. And at 3
tokens (RM12, I think) its not a cheap thing. This one is for the boys and
there is one for the girls where it deals with fashion and dancing. I hope
the girls would not go for this because, I did see one or two girls holding
thick folders like this boy weeks ago.

My new case

And so, after 30 days of waiting, my new toolbag replacement is here! I wanted a new toolbag for some of my tools and also for my Notebook. My first one was an actual Toshiba Notebook bag which lasted me a few years. Then, it was replaced by an aluminum bag which promised to break down after three weeks. Right now, the only thing holding it together is just the two locking clasps and a lot of luck. And so, I needed to look for another case which is tough, splashproof and also, looks the business.

After much searching on the Internet, the obvious choice was those expensive Pelican cases. But these horrible animals costs close to RM800, plus postage, of course. After searching more information about these cases, esp via Wikipedia, I found another option, which is the Hardigg Storm cases. And they costs much less too. The main problem with these items are that they are very large and hence, the exhobitant postage fees. Then, one day, I got lucky and managed to snag a Hardigg Storm for USD120 (USD90 for the case and USD30 for the postage).

Yeah, they seller made a mistake on the postage. I was first quoted USD25 for the postage but I told them, I decided to make it USD30 for them. After the deal is done, they checked the actual postage which turned out to be USD51 but since its already closed, they had to "swallow" the USD20. I felt bad but there is nothing I could do.

I have shown it to my friend today and he commented that just a week ago, Hardigg was bought over by Pelican, its long term rival. So, from RIVALRY to SYNERGY. Oh well. There might be price adjustments and new model as well.

This was what I found this morning, behind my desk. Seems like most
of the items I ordered from the Internet always come delivered in the
evenings. And my clerk either got fed-up or they delivered it after she
has left because no one calls me anymore about my "presents"

And when its opened up, the Storm case is huge! Maybe
its the black colour or just the design but its intimidating

Still, for my Notebook, its the right size. There were other colours
such as olive green, tan yellow and light grey. But I prefer black

And compare it to my current toolbag, its bigger and much sturdier
Unlike the current plastic handle, the Storm's fits comfortably in the
hand and has those rubber non-slip coating just like my actual tool
box. Its a matter of time before it goes away. Then I can go out and
get a can of plasti-dip. Heh heh heh

The clasps are very simple; just push the button and lift the whole tab.
Oh, see the hole, you can padlock it if you want to

Jealous or not? No? Ok, I give you the "Wait a minute..." moment
The sponge or foam as you call it, was "fixed" and not the ones
which you can arrange to suit your needs. So, I have to either
cut the foam into shape or search for alternative foams.

Thank you, En. Puteh!

I found this on my table this morning. Apparently, one of my customer
has it delivered all the way from Singapore. So, Boss opened one box and
left the other box for me. En. Puteh is a very nice chap and it is a bit
embarassing for me as I seldom send gifts back. We did service for him
even though one of his customers have changed PABX and we lost the deal

This year, I must make it up to him. Afterall, I seldom get much nice customers and I must appreciate them more.

Enjoying my rewards

There is nothing better than having Chee Cheong Fun and Bak Gua for
breakfast. The only thing missing was the crunchy prawn chili sauce as
it was finished a week ago and my Wife discouraged me from eating it
too much since it is made from prawns.

Kristine and Kaelynn loved AlanTam's Bak Gua very much!
And they automatically posed for the camera without any
problems at all. Usually, they can't get along even for one