Coloured Afternoon

I can tell you, right after 1030 in the morning, the house was already feeling warm. Its been like this for the past week and anymore of this, I am going to have a monster sore throat. So, after mopping the floors, I am scheming to get everyone out of the house and maybe to a shopping complex where the air-con will cool us down. However, the would mean spending money. And also, by the time we got the girls bathed and dressed, there would be a huge traffic jam at the parking entrance lot. Even the air-con at home was completely useless. So, I think we’ll all just lie down and vegetate at the tile floor the whole day…….

Kaelynn curious about her elder sister's piece of paper.
Actually, its more like Kristine's working folder. Ha ha ha

Eww! Kaelynn thinks Kristine is drawing obscene things!

Shorter thumbdrive

After carrying the thumbdrive in my back pocket for a day, I had to remove the long metal ring because it always end up at an ackward angle. So, after using a pair of pliers and a screwdriver, its gone. But not without a slight crack in the casing, no thanks to ol’ me butterfingers.


Our office had implemented a no-shoe rule. So, we all would have to wear slippers from now on. We got these while we were down south. For RM4.00 each, my only complain was that the area between the big toe and the second toe hurts like heck. That’s the main reason why I never liked those slippers with that obscene little thing right between the toes. But since its cheap, oh well.

I never liked them because they make this flip-flop sounds wherever you go because when you lift up your heel, the front end of the toes would make the sandals slap to the back thus making that sound.


The only thing these days which makes me look forward to an outstation trip are the possibilities of looking for toys or trinkets in old shops which you cannot find in the KL City. And sometimes, because they do not get things from a supplier, you can bet that most of the items on sale would be very different. So while we were waiting for a customer to unlock the doors for us, I decided to walk around the place. And to my pleasant surprise, I came across some capsule stand where those mini bombs were being sold. And luck was on my side because the lady also let me exchange 50sen coins which is quite unheard of in KL. All in all, I spent about RM6.00 in three trips because these capsules made my pockets bulge too much. Ha ha ha.

The capsules do not contain the bombs as there are other items in it, such as the gunpowder ammo which was stored in a black cylinder and a piece of plastic which resembles a mine (in other words, you got a dud capsule). Although the mini-bomb looked small, if my memory serves me right, its about an inch shorter than the original bomb. Still, it looked so cute.

Looking back at my haul, I got five bombs, three duds and four ammo packs. I wished I had more luck in getting the bombs. Still, I am happy that I get these mini bombs after more than two decades of looking for these childhood toys. How it works is very simple. You just feed it some gunpowder ammo. In this case, you just plug the nose of the bomb into the round ammo pack (the equivalent of traditional paper ones). Then you toss the bomb upwards and let gravity do the rest. Once it falls the ground, the heavy nose align the bomb downwards, nose first. And when it hits the ground, the nose will act as a hammer and hit the ammo causing a loud bang. You then use a new ammo round and toss it up again.

So, where is the fun in that? Beats me. But at that time, it was more fun than watching a cartoon or playing with some Transformers toy on a sunny afternoon all by myself.

Whoa! Look what RM6.00 did to me! Maybe I should have paid
her RM50 and take the whole thing as well. Bwhahahahahaha.

There are two variation to the mini-bombs apart from the colours. You will
either get a round fin or those sharp edge rocket fins (which looked
closer to the original). The you have the dud (left) and the black
box of ammo (middle). Once you open the capsule and the plastic bag,
you just push the lead nose into the plastic tail and you’re ready to go.

The nose was designed to take two kinds of ammo. The traditional
paper strip or the modern plastic gunpowder caps. However,
because of the size, it could not take the paper version
easily. I tried to bend the nose a bit and it broke.
So this means its made of those lead die-cast
(dangerous) and if I play them too much, it will
just break. Maybe by then, I could either buy
a tube of JB Weld or source for more of
these toys, Ha ha ha ha ha

On second thoughts, I think I should just keep them around and take them out once in a while. In the midst of everything, I forgot to take down the vending machine’s contact email and number in case I wanted more……….damn. So, anyone going near Tampoi soon?