The consequences of being Superman

Looking at this car, there is no need to guess what
happened. Some idiot on a motorbike wanted to
become a paraplegic Superman

And to cause such a damage, he could be next
Christopher Reeve

Litt Tak Warehouse Sale Part II

OK, so my hands were itchy. I went back to the customer's place to collect a ladder and on the way back, I decided to stop by Litt Tak again. This time, a lot of items were gone and I was hoping to see more "Ben 10" toys. However, there was a bit of a surprise as they put out more stocks. Items such as the Zoids Ligers, 1/35 Patlabor (with lights) models and even more Gundam models. Still, after lingering for a few hours, I decided enough was enough and picked two more Kamen Rider Kaizer Pointers. And also, the "after breakfast before lunch Sunday" crowd are already starting to trickle in, its best to get out before eveyone goes mad. I was tempted to get the Patlabor model kit but since my paycheque won't be in for at least a week or so, I'd better not risk it. Maybe next year. Ha ha ha ha.

Most of the, grown ups were on the first floor where
the Gundams are. Everyone was sifting through the Gundam
and Zoids model kits.

On the other corner, you would have girls toys and
some electronic ones like organs and R/C cars. The
ladder up to the first floor was stacked with Kamen
Rider and Power Ranger Toys.

The remaining one of three Rambal Ram model and about ten 1/35 scale
special Patlabor model with flashing lights RM125.00, I think.

This family bought RM296.00 worth of toys
The father bought him a big ZOIDS "Killer Gorilla"