Label setback

What a waste to buy that labeling machine now. I tested
this on one of the cables and after a few days, the glue
failed. Imagine if this was sent to a dry country.........

Toy Story 2

That is a very nice drawing, girl but what is it?
Its Woody from Toys Story and that his girl,
the cowboy girl.

The dangers of night lights

OK, let me tell you this. Ever since the girls were born, we have night lights. ever since we got married, we started to have nightlights (for obvious reasons). The first night lights were actually bulbs within very beautiful paperlike cylinders. But thanks to Kristine at that time, they quickly turned into junk not only that, I have to keep buying bulbs every three months or so. And so, because of safety, we switched to fluorescents.

Thanks to their Aunt, the nightlight was good for many years until last year which TNB killed it. And so, I got another set myself, which as usual, was made in China.....

On the left was the original one, which I had to
use tape to keep the cover from coming off.

On the right was the replacement, which I got today.
No point using tape here, so I just 'bent' the metal
connectors a bit and told the girls not to touch them.

As you can see, the fluoro tube is burnt, a sure
sign which means something serious has
happened. OK, note the melted plastic too.

OK, OK. Note the burnt circuit as well. I mean,
they have been on for hours every night.

How not to tie a girls hair

I don't know if this is true or not but now, I seriously do believe that tying a girl's long hair should be done by a girl, preferably, by herself. This is because I realised that I suck at it. I did use to tie my hair once when I let it go long and however I did it, it was always either too high or not symmetrical. And I cannot just lie on the pillow with the ponytail still there.

Kristine's response at my skill

She told me to tie her hair, and so I did. Then I
realised, her hair was too short and she wanted
both sides done.

Somehow, I think I should have redo the first
tie so that the second tie is more balanced.

The result of unbalanced hair can really unhinge a
person; all the brain fluids went to the other side.....

Finally, its time to do some homework. This time,
maths is much more difficult, but something
a Standard
one pupil would have no problem
solving. Provided that
pupil pays
attention in class, la.

I must count Daddy's Nerf Bullets after I shot him...
I must count Daddy's Nerf Bullets after I shot him...
I must count Daddy's Nerf Bullets after I shot him...

The Friday dinner

When my new colleagues in another Department suggested a Friday dinner, I was all for it because this would help me wait out the jam until after seven. I mean, its better than getting chased out by the Night Shift Guard.

However, there is another reason for this dinner. Its another chance to get to know them more, and not only that, let them release their frustrations of pent up anger due to a certain Manager. Me, I just like to listen to stories and anecdotes which I usually forget. Still, its a great evening because I have not done this for a very long time.

My order at PapaRich; Curry mee & Ice cream Milo.
They have never tasted Neslo before. Gosh

One thing about this is that I think
they dropped the ice cream right
into the HOT Milo. So, what you
see were the leftover unmelted
Vanilla Ice Cream for its froth.

On the way back, we dropped by the glasses shop as
one of them need to start wearing one. I needed one
too as the coatings on the lens have worn off, leaving
a scratched-like looking surface. But that's for next
month. Still, I like this frame until I wore it and then
found out I could not look from the corner of my eye,
something I always do when driving.

The red one next to it was nice too but they matched
the metal with plastic (for the ears) which is a bad
combination as sweat will be trapped inside there and
starts to corrode the metal. That is why my current
side frame are one piece plastic.

This one was nice too but the ear area is twopiece

Finally, before we go, I saw this one, which is nice
as not only is it a single piece for the ears, there is
no blockage for my eye-corner view. Oh well, lets
see how I stand in May.

By the time we finished, it was half past nine.... oop

Kristine's new design

Suddenly, she came in and
shocked the both of us! Who
can this masked person be?

Why, its Kristine the Worlds' most
imaginative costume designer!

Impulse sealer

Today is a very special day, boys and girls. Why is it a very special day?

Do you want to know why?

I will tell you.

Today is a Special Day because I say so. Don't believe me? See? Look back to the words on the left and you can see the capital letters for Special Day. Heck, its even there on the last sentence. Anyway, today is the day I get to clear some of my credit card debts faster. I could not do this if I was in the old company as everything was tight. (It was so tight, if you put some coal into your ass.........)

So I celebrated by buying some plastic bags, a black
plastic bowl, replacement fluorescent bulbs for the
girls as they blew two night ago, an impulse sealer
and a polystyrene box. I could not remember why
I bough it as it does not make sense but only to help
fulfil my wish to buy one 15 years ago. Total damage
came up to RM128.00 and there was not enough
time for lunch as well, not because I want to skip.

Oh, hey. Hang on. This post is about the Impulse sealer! My my, my train of thought has derailed many times today, because I was rushing to finish the Project given to me. There is a very specific reason why I need an Impulse sealer. Not because I bought it on impulse nor because the idea jumped out from the murky depths of bottomless disrememberings.

The Navigation board is almost done and so, if I want to send this to people, I cannot just lump them into a paper bag and squiggle their contacts with a RM2.50 marker. I mean, this might get into a lot of problem at Security screenings and also when these people pull the stuff out from a crumpled envelope. And so, the reason I bought this to create small pockets in the plastic bags where I can safely store each component. Then, lump them into a paper bag and squiggle their contacts with a RM2.50 marker.