Building my Notebook PSU part III

OK. Right. After getting the necessary mains cable and a 3-pin plug, I am ready to get it all down. OK, so I could not "borrow" any mains cable and 3-pin plug from my company. Heh.

But what kind of enclosure shall I get? A metal one would be nice as its a lot stronger when I need to make holes for meters (if I want to put them in). But I am scared about the LIVE cable, so it will most probably be plastic or maybe, acrylic sheets............. we'll see. Right now, my budget is way out.

And so, with the proper voltage and current, my
Notebook is happily running again. You can also
see that its able to charge the 5 minute battery
as well. I just have to make sure I do not put my
finger on the Live cable. Sooner or later, I will
have to get some kind of plastic enclosure for it
or else a lot of things can go wrong.

As for the fans, I do not have to worry about the heat
at the moment since its very well ventilated. But once
I get the 12 volt regulator up and running, this will
solve the problem. Even in the air-con room the PSU
is running quite warm. Wow.