Some 1/35 models

Just wanted to show you some of the 1/35 scale model kits I had sometime ago. These kits have quite a lot of details and well, it was wort the money spent on, especially during the Sales. And no, these are not Tamiya kits, which in my book, is not that great anymore.

When I was young, I use to follow/purchase Tamiya model kits since at that time, they were quite reasonably price and also, well, they were the only manufacturer I could find. And then, slowly, I was growing more and more biased in favour to Tamiya products to the point that if its not from Tamiya, its not good enough. But nowadays, brands like Hobby Boss, Trumpeteer and Academy are catching up fast. Of late, I have not seen any 'new; kits from Tamiya which is worth getting. Then again, even if there is one, I am very sure that the price range would easily discourage me since I am so used to getting alternative kits (accurate or not) that offers more parts and photo-etch and at a competitive price too.

From left, its the AAVR-7A1 by Hobby Boss,
the M1127 Stryker by Trumpeteer and
M113A1 APC by Academy. All non Tamiya.

First up is the AAVR-7A1, which comes in 18
sprues. It even has individual track links and
a set of photo-etch parts. Not only that, it even
has an interior set, something which Tamiya
did not supply when they first came out with
their own model.

The same goes for the M1127 Stryker, which also
has a lot of sprues despite it not having an interior
set. And not only that, if I am not mistaken, it also
gives you some 1/35 scale figures too. And there
are a lot of 'extra' unused parts for you.

The M113 also, again, comes with a generous
selection of sprues, which also includes figures
you see on the box, (yes, you will get the female
figure too) and also, individual track links.

OK, this is part of the instructions for the AAVR.
Just look at the parts for the interior. The two
tools cabinet are actually made from photo-etch

And here is the part showing you how to assemble
the individual track links. Its a nightmare but when
done correctly, the model will look very realistic as
in 'real life', these tracks actually do sag a bit. You
cannot achieve this effect with a vinyl track.

The figure painting guide for the M113.

It deja vu for me if I plan to do this model as
I had the Tamiya version, which also had an
interior set. So, this makes me happy.

Ma.k 1.35 Melusine

Hello. A quick one.

HellPassed by Hobby HQ and saw this.
Mr. Low gave a good price too.

Nice parts. I think is same with the ones included
in the 1/35 Nutcracker