Kristine's Fall

I came home only to find Bad News waiting for me.

Kristine was running (very fast) around outside the house and she fell.

On her face.

I was quite angry because I was not there to prevent her from falling.

But I had to accept the fact that sometimes, as a parent, I can never always be at her side.

You can see the scars on her forehead, nose, upper lip and chin
(This picture, she looked more like tortured prisoner)

After Grandma rushed out and bought her some cream,
Kristine was happy and up to her usual self again

Funny Photo

Sometimes, there are things you want to take photos of.
And then you cannot explain why

The Bomba Drink

I was at Sg. Buloh's ProJET today and caught this interesting bottle.

It was made to look like a grenade.
It is called the Bomba drink.
Its an Energy drink.
It tasted almost like Livita.
It cost me RM3.50
Its website got naked lady.

The bottle is quite nice.
You then paint it black.......

Bomba in Malay means Fire Brigade

Once you pull the ring, the aluminium cover
tears open and you cannot close it back anymore

Not reccommended for children, diabetics and persons
sensitive to caffeine. Best served chilled