A tiring day

Yep, damn tired today. I was worried last night because Kristine had a slight fever. So, I took her reading with the digital thermometer, the one which you stick into their ears.

1st reading: 37.3ºC (on that night)
2nd reading: 37.1ºC (after she slept)
3rd reading: 36.8ºC (early morning)
4th reading: 36.4ºC (about 8am)
5th reading: 36.3ºC (1230om)

You know, if I take anymore readings, the temperature might go down further..........

Kristine in the morning after I took her temperature

Working late
My last customer was in KL, in Jalan Raja Laut. It was a late job, I tell you. We waited from 5 to 7PM, because the customer was still using the phones. So, I labelled all the wires and did what I can. By the time we finished at 11PM, (customer wants to go home too), I was so tired that I couldn't even focus clearly as I was using all my concentration to locate and separate the wires which looked more like spaghetti. And I still have to drive back..............

The next morning, this was my breakfast. I couldn't find the strawberry

But there is an indentation of where it was supposed to be.
The cake tasted like pandan sponge with raspberry jam and coconut (purple) flakes

After eating halfway, it was there, upside down, suqashed for the second time...

The Orange cake? Its a sponge too. Have yet to taste it .......

Since I parked the car there the whole night, I got a lot of good luck
See the one near the door, I think one of the birds have diorrhea