System Installation @ Puchong Part II

Today is the second day of installation where I concentrate on the new PBX's wiring and new extensions. My tech went home today, so I am pretty much alone. The job took longer than it should (until 8:00 PM) since there were others installing Network cabling in the same room, we sort of took our turns in the room (It was crowded). There goes my Sunday

This stupid wira tries to cut into my lane at the lights and my mood went from happy to pissed in 2 seconds.
So, I took his picture and block him off from cutting in.

This is my lunch. Pandan Lotus Paste Mooncake

More Ice-Cream and a sparkling mineral water. This time, I saved it for my Wife and Kristine
The customer even offered to buy me lunch but I declined

Remember the old system's DO Box?
Its cleaned up now, took me hours to replace and reconnect all the cables

The old system is gone and now, after tweaking their aerial, the radio got a much better reception

Father & Son relationship

While I was working on the PBX system, there was a father and son team who were in charge of the Office's carpentry. So, they were installing a door for the new PBX room. The relationship between the two is quite normal. The father will cuss impatiently at his son as if he hated his guts while the son feels indifferent and still treat his Dad like a colleague. Ha ha ha ha!

Dad: Hold the door, dammit! Fuck! Just hold it! Don't move! Quickly!
Son: I am holding it. If it won't move, it wont move

After much more cussing, the Father went to work chiselling bits of wood to fit the hinges
Yeah, we're all working without the air-con

While he is doing his part, his son starts to install the hinges

The son holds the door while the father measures and drills the holes into the aluminium frame

This is a new method; Normally, screws would be used but today, I can see the father is using rivets

Dad: Just hold it! @#*!&% Now its out of alingment! Hold it!
Son: Don't forget to shave off an inch at the (door's) bottom for ventilation. Customer says he will be putting in electronics equipment
Dah: Haiya! Don't listen to him! I know what I am doing! If you listen to him, we'll never get things done! Tiu! Listen to me and hold the door!
Son: Well, if you say so. I am now holding the door (sarcastically). See? Its not even moving
Dad: @#*&%

System Installation @ Puchong Part I

The object of this installation is to upgrade their current PBX as the customer is expanding. We are to install the new system in another place. Because the original phone cables are still in the old place, they will be connected via a series of more cables from the old DP (Distribution Point) box to the new one. Once we install the new PBX in the new place, their current phone system will be taken off-line. Because they are of the same brand, the upgrading is easier for the customer because he does not need to change everything. Therefore, the phonesets stays.

This is their current system, its a bit messy with all the Network hubs and also the PA system which gives very bad reception

And not to forget, a very messy DP box.
You can see the thick 20-pair cables (right) which is to connect the current DP Box to the new one

This is the new PBX room, where only the light and fan worked
The 3 power-points were not working.....

The room was renovated above the staircase

While we're working, the customer gave us some Ice-Cream! Yum-yum!

Traffic Jam at LDP

On our way to the customer's place, there was a sudden traffic jam on the LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong), just 100m right after the Kepong toll up until the first flyover. It took me roughly one hour to reach that distance.

This is a very unusual traffic jam

The cause of the jam?

Some lorry carrying an extreme heavy load.....

broke down, lor

LCD Smartswitch

I always wanted one of this. It can either be a switch or an animated status display
Unfortunately, if I am not mistaken, its quite expensive