Cravings for sardines

All of a sudden, I wanted sardines. I am not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with sneaking off with my brother's sardines a week ago which did it. Anyhow, I wanted some and I got them. And then I realised how much they cost over the years and perhaps, that was the reason why I do not buy them anymore.

So, my favourite way to treat the sardines
was to dump them on top of the onions,
yellow onions, if possible. The red ones
tend to tell other people you're not a very
sociable person. Ha ha ha ha.

And what comes next after the onions?
Yep, corn flakes

When I was younger, I just lump them into one
big bowl or something. Here, I have to show
some manners on the table and so, I just
pour them onto the plate.........heh.