Saturday in AmCorp Mall

So, after the trip to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, we stopped by AmCorp Mall for more stuff. And I got myself these Hotwheels die-cast toy cars:

Hotwheels Acceleracer: High Voltage, Vandetta & Burl-Esque

High Voltage (foreground) looks like a future Alpha Romeo while Vandetta (background) looks like a heavily modified Mercedes A-Class

From the back, they looked so, so powderful.
You know, it it was real (High Voltage), I would have gotten one.

Saturday in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

My Wife was looking for a specific cloth

We looked over here

We looked over there

We looked left

We looked right

Until we found it

And the rest does not matter anymore

Not even this

She paid RM24.00 for it

And when everyone heard that, some even lost heir minds

I saw what I saw

Vandalised: Her eyes were cut out and one of her teeth was blackened.
Now she looked more like a smiling mental patient

Sharing: So romantic

Fell: I turned my back and saw this guy on the floor outside Mydin
Many tried to help him until he wanted a chair

Stupid: This girl does not want to bother herself to help call the guy a taxi and instead tries to call her colleagues to do it, saying that she has to man the counter.

Ceremonial Kris?: Very unique & nice for a price of RM69.90

As I sat on the pavement and looked up.
I realised someone was not so fortunate

BangkokBoi got Married

Well, what can I say? His was years ahead of schedule. Ha ha ha ha
Anyway, we're glad that he finally did this and at Thean Hou Temple as well.
I wonder if he is going to have a Female F1 Driver and two Best Men like what I did for mine.

It took less than one hour (less if he kept his mouth shut and followed procedures) and by 1045, it is done.

The place has moved from First Floor to Basement
And its Automated too. Ha ha ha ha ha

Yes, I did this on purpose.
If you can see his face, his smile was like more like an Evil Smirk