Loot from Jalan Raja Laut

Apart from the Ban Mien, I also did some shopping for myself. Although the Bangmobile is resting in Plaza GM's car park, I wanted to see what type of toys have been brought in this time. When I was driving in Jalan Raja laut, I spied one of the new toy shops (which was opened a month ago, the staff told me). And so, after some walking between the aisles, I got myself some new weapons which has modification potential.

Coming home with the plastic bag was a problem
but when I opened the door......

OK, so someone has came back from school and
let everything go nuts....

Anyway, this is the stuff I got. I did not care if
it fires or does not fire. What I was looking for
was the shape/design. Maybe, with some of
the spare time, I will try to open one of them
up. Oh, the sawn-off shot gun has a red laser
sighting IN the scope. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kristine was asking for a Bakugan and so, I got
this bootlegged version which was about half
the price of the original. She wanted it because
the boys in her class has them and i relented....

A flickering candle for RM2.00. It was cheap because
they were 'faulty'. The staff told me that many were
thrown in the bin because they did not light up. Oh,
and they came in blue, yellow and red.

I think I found the problem. Loose solder joints
and crap on the battery terminals. Maybe when
I do go back there, I will ask them for the faulty
ones and see how much i can get for them, if they
do want to sell it to me, that is. All I have to do,
in theory is to resolder them and also, change the
LEDs to other colours. White and black is not a
problem since it was already 'proven' in the demo.

Later in the evening, when the girls came back,
they were naturally very happy with their new
tpys (apart from MacDonalds). But I don't know
how its played though. Kristine is taking my brown
one as her yellow has difficulty in closing which I
found out that it needs to be closed in sequence.
This is a new concept where you roll the balls into
a magnetised card which then pulls the magnet out
of the ball and thus becomes a release mechanism
to 'unfold' the ball into figures.

Tian Yake Ban Mian

As I finished meeting up with my customer in Jalan Chow Kit, I decided to look for the Pan Mee in Lorong Haji Taib 5. Its been years since I had last tasted it. It was nice but still, for old time's sake, I decided to go back to have another bowl.

One stall serves drinks while the other cooks
the pan mee for you. They were 'manned' by
two ladies and each lady has their own helper

Ah, the delicious and tongue burning hot pan
mee! Just add a little bit of lime and some
chilli sauce, its nice.
[Wife: It tasted like crap. The soup base is all
wrong and the chilli comes from some cheap

The pan mee is so soft and moist, its almost
[Wife: Its soggy]

And so, after enjoying a bowl of it, I decided to
pack three packs home on the way to another
[Mom: What? You should have called ahead so
we won't have to waste money on the kuey teow]

Finally, guess who had to finish them for dinner?

And oh, the fried rice Mon and Wife made tasted
much better. makes me wonder of the 'Ho Chiak'
people are as tasteless as me to choose such crap
places of all things.