Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun

Everytime I went up to Teluk Intan (during my courting days), I never failed to pack some Chee Cheong Fun for my family. This is the place I always frequent, the Seng Kee Kopitiam (next to Hoover Hotel). Five years ago, this was a happening place, even though there were no street lights. You can have some Satay, "tai chau", Ice Kacang, Dim Sum, etc. But with the completion of the new "highway" in front of it, many stalls relocated. And businesses dropped rapidly even though traffic increased.

This is THE Place

Here, you have a Chee Cheong Fun making machine.
You pour the chee cheong fun liquid onto the trays, where it will roll into the machine via conveyor belts and at the other end, you have the chee cheong fun.

The lady then roll up the chee cheong fun and cut them into pieces


It is now 2006, slowly the traders are coming back....

Manwhile on the opposite road, the competitor "Sam Siew Yieh" has opened a shop
But even then, business was poor. I do not like their chee cheong fun as it was too oily

Kristine and the Jelly

Kristine discovered some jelly sweets
And since she can't open them by herself, she came to me

"No, you cannot use your fingers"

"Here is a spoon for you"

"Two is enough and I am not scared of your cute smiles"

"You can't have any more, even if you promise to use the spoon"

Bored in Teluk Intan

Walking here and there........

Longing for the outside........

I am bored! I want to go out NOW!

The Ponytail

OK, so its not really a ponytail but I just want to see what she would look like with one in a year's time

The rest of the pictures are unprintable as she was quite naughty

Where are all the oranges?

Krsitine has a new game. What she does is to take the oranges and throws them onto the chairs. And if they bounce and roll on the floors, she will laugh at them. In the end, we had to squash them for the juice, which she loves, or else they will go bad.

Hey. I think this is another one of her tricks to get some orange juice......

You take some from the plate.....

Carry them as fast as you can.......

And put them on chairs where people will sit on them

Warming up a Model

When you want to practise your photography skills, make sure the model is ready and also, give candy at the end of the session.

This is what happens when you tell them they're not paid by the hour

But if you tell them there is a small present.....

They will start to pose

First, with the customary looking-far-away smile

Then the cute itchy ear stance

Followed by the see-my-backside smile

And usually, when they're fully warmed up, there are no more films left