Getting the Play-doh (duh!)

Kristine has been bugging us to get some Play-Doh (cleaner version of our local and oily plastiscene). what happened to the old ones, no one knew. Initially, I said, "One day" in the hopes that she will forget about it. but on the third night, we knew she wanted it very badly and so, it was decided that all of us would make a trip to Toys R Us come Thursday.

The girls were baffled. They can choose either one small
Play-Doh which costs RM24.95, or another smaller
Play-Doh which costs RM19.95 but with a choice of on
extra Play-doh colours (OK, they were alternative non-ori
Play-Dohs). Don't get what I mean? Neither did they. But we
did stop when their choices went from RM35 onwards to
RM64.95 for a Play-Doh fridge. A fridge?

I also 'accidentally' went to the NERT section.
Now, they even have transparent ones.

This is the Nite-Finder. The battery holder
in the grip are for the red led 'laser' scope.

This is the first model, which is the Maverick. When
it came out, you can only get them from specialist
toy stores. Then it was Metrojaya. And now, its here.

My favourite, the NEXT EX-6, which still costs
RM149 something. Its a rip-off because of the
add-ons such as additional scopes. Still, I like it.

This is 'The Day After'. Play-Doh everywhere,
from floors to carpets........... sigh.

GM Plaza

Out of the blue, we went to GM Plaza today. And we bought quite a number of things. This was an unplanned trip for me but Wife has planned everything. Still, its a great place to go because its one of the two places that I know has a car lift.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn off your
car engine when you have successfully entered
the lift. We do not want unconscious people in
the lift as this will block other patrons from
using the facility. For those who have just
eaten garlic, petai or durian or all three, you
are banned from using the lift due to OSHA

This is a typical scene on every floor

And we came here for one purpose


These are the new ones, where you press the
dial and the LEDs will go round and round. I
even got one for myself.

And whether its standard practice or
not, every stall packs your stuff into a
heavy black plastic bag. I know all the
stuff are Made in China and fakes. So,
black plastic bag signifies this???

There are 20 watches in there and they
come in two different versions. LED dial
for boys and LED projector for girls.

Girls will have further two versions of the LED
projector; Barbie and Hello Kitty. And guess
what? The prices we paid for are very much
lower compared to the ones you see being
sold outside.

And the box, complete with a small 'pillow'
cost quite a bit but its still affordable.

So, why do we need so much? Stay tuned for part two

Out of Office Reply

To whom it may concern,

Yes, I am busy. Yes, I am out of the office. And yes, I am working very hard. So, please put all the relevant documents in the middle of the table and not on top of the books. And as for people who walk past my table at more than 5Km/h, please walk slowly. Your motion will create a draft which will blow the papers onto the floor and sometimes, under the table which I might not even notice until the Boss calls. And for those who fart when they walk through the room, I got news for you.

I have bought a few airtight ziplock bags to trap the farts and when the sniffer dog is feeling better, I will ask it to trace the bugger who walked through the room after eating durians today.

As soon as I have saved enough, I will print out
a cardboard cut-out of myself with a very stern
look and put it on the chair. I hope it will scare
people away, especially those who like to put
documents on my desk.