The War Machine

When Tony Stark (Iron Man) suffered bouts of depression and couldn't handle his drink, he gave his Iron Man armour to James Rhodes who became Iron Man. While Stark was recovering, Rhodey went a bit bonkers because the cybernetics in the armour's helmet was not properly calibrated for him. So, after donning a spare old armour, Tony managed to stop Rhodey before more lives were endangered.

Later on, with a very much recovered Stark, Jim joined him in a new venture and this resulted in the creation of the War Machine armour.

So, I got this Marvel Legends figure for RM40 from Ultimate Toys at Amcorp Mall. I have not opened it yet, but it has a lot of stuff for that price; A comic book, accessories, a transparent stand and Galactus's Right leg. Ha ha.

These guys were not looking at some photos at the Kodak kiosk but some kind of movie

This is how it looked in the casing. His face looked a bit too fierce.

Ha ha ha ha! A right leg..............

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