Moving house

One of my Sister in law is moving into her own house. So, we helped her move all her stuff. The problem is, she has kept most of her stuff at several of her sister's house. So, I borrowed the company's van to get to one of her sister's house, load it up with all her stuff before going to another house to wait for her to lead me. There, we did as much as we can. Putting up curtains, eat all her food and also, dirty her floor with bread crumbs (courtesy of Kristine and Kaelynn). By the time we finished, it was already late in the evening. And so, after dinner, there was a lot of things to do, namely to go back to one of the houses where Wifey left her car there. Then we went back to our house so that the girls can have their bath.

By the time everything was done, it was time for me to return the van to the company and drive the car back. Luckily Wifey accompanied me as we were both too tired.

The girl's joy when exploring a "new" house

They danced with joy

And while Kristine sang sweet songs, Kaelynn
was at the back dancing. Such natural partners.