TGIF! or Thank God its (oh) F**K its Wednesday, not Friday

We love to have dinners. Whatever the occasion and when budget allows, that is. This time, we got enough and also, breathing space to have a small dinner during the Puasa month. And so, after trying Victoria Station, Chillies, and buffets, we decided to try TGIF. Originally, we wanted it to be on a Friday (something special?)But for the past two weeks, it was impossible since we're working like heck. And so, we did it on a Wednesday.

The TGIF we went to was located on Section 14, Petaling Jaya, right smack in front of the Digital Mall. Yeah, I wanted to go there as early as possible but with the evening jam where everyone rushed back to break fast, it was impossible. So, halfway while waiting for the rest to arrive, I sneaked over to the Mall. This was because I wanted to look at the prices of second hand PDA Phone with at least a GPS and Windows Mobile 5.0. I can't wait that long for the Android phone to stabilise or even become more than Version 1.0.

The problem is, by the time my salary came in two days ago, the phone I wanted (for Rm555) was already gone. So, it was time to scout around more places and hope that all the information I keep on pieces of loose paper does not lose itself anymore than it should. Yeah, Iam pissed off.

Very pissed off because of my salary which come very late, as if I am a Government servant now. Pissed off because I cannot even commit for a monthly installment plan due to my late salary. Pissed off because there are so much bills to pay. Pissed off because I cannot even it buy on-the-spot due to limited cash. Pissed off because I do not have enough cash to start my money making projects anymore. Pissed off because my old phone is going nuts and I do not want to change SIM cards everytime I receive/send SMS.

Anyway, back to the dinner. Everyone there were friendly and eager to serve us. And one thing I liked was the Refillable softdrinks. The food was delicious except for mine because my Chicen Caesar Salad was more of chiken and pieces of lettuce with cheese. Nothing like Chilies. But on a positive side, while waiting for my boys to arrive, my Boss and I devoured a lot of snack foods like those tostada or something. So, when my salad came, I was already full and so, had enough to finish half the plate. And so, my Wife get the other half but she too complaineda bout the salad. OK, this time, if we're ever going to TGIF, I am not going for salads (I usually at these places) but meat.

Unfortunately, we also decided to celebrate one of my boy's
belated birthday which was unfortunately, a month ago. But
the embarassment he endured during the TGIF style was
This just struck me when I was at the car park. But by the time I got the camera, the gentleman went back in. It was very quick. And so I waited some more and some more. But eventually, I decided not to since I do not want to be roadkill even in a car park and the charges are really expensive. RM3.50 for the first hour and RM3.00 for the subsequent. However, because I was at the customer for quite some time, I was charged the maximum of RM12.00. Haih.

Yes, the Nikon D50 can do 16:9 shots. Bwhahahahahah!

Photos from the roof

No, not from Bangsar's The Roof or whatever shit name its/was called now. Or if it still exists. I don't really care. Anyway, I was waiting for a customer who was a bit too busy with his phone calls. And since I am outside his office which is literally the roof. So, I decided to use the 300mm lens.........