Going to Kota Kinabalu B

On the first day, we mounted the system and random checks on the cabling was good to go. Unfortunately, the Telekoms people were late in transferring the telephone lines from the old office. Out of the seven lines, they managed to transfer only six and when we were about to connect them, they had to close the office. Exactly at 530. So, we cannot do much except pack our stuff and look for a Hotel.

This is the PABX which was mounted on the wall
We only had about four feet of working space
as the whole room was taken up by the network
server cabinet

After looking about, I arrived in Centrepoint, one of
KK's shopping malls. More on this on another post

This is a 50sen gun which is also fun

Going to Kota Kinabalu A

OK, so, finally, I get to go to Kota Kinabalu after months of anticipation. Unfortunately, nexus is coming down on the eve of my departure. Talk about timing gone wrong. I could not even change the schedule to a week earlier. Damn

But once I arrived with the PABX system, the real story was beginning to unfold. Its like Kota Bahru all over again. The customer for that branch was too laid back and because everyone had to follow the schedule (which was already past its deadline by a month) he had no choice but to get all the contractors to rush everything.

I am not sure about Kota Kinabalu here, but it seemed that a lot of people do things in a very relaxed way. They are not really that concerned about deadlines too, except when its time to go home. So, for me, coming from KL, it was a bit too difficult to digest where work schedule is concerned. I can bet you, if someone from Hong Kong or Singapore came, they would vomit blood. A Japanese would most probably commit suicide.

At 0700, its already daylight and there are a lot
of people at the airport.

This is the "tunnel" where you have to walk into
before you can get to your plane.

As soon as the plane stops, everyone starts to get up
and blocks the whole aisle. I could not help but to
take pictures of this guy's fingernails. No, not the
little pinky but the other fingers

Finally, the PABX got through. My Boss and I were
worried that Air Asia would disallow it due to the
size. Eventually, we just paid RM120 for the
excess baggage as I was overweight by 10Kg
Yeah, they included my suitcase too