Begedil (Potato cakes?)

Begedil is a potato dish which you sort of skin it, mash it up, add some ingredients, roll it into a small bun and deep fry it. And I loved it. I did not know much about this until two years ago. And everytime, if I happen to be eating at a Malay stall, I would definitely look for it. And so it was that during our trip to Mydin last weekend, we decided to try these mini begedils after getting a sample (OK, seven samples) from the kind lady cooking at the corner.

These mini begedils are about less than an inch in
diameter. Its a bit soft which is weird as when the
Demo lady took hers out of the oven, it was crunchy.

Yes, Mydin does support a lot of local products. Which
is good, compared to others. But then again, they have
their own unique customers who do not go to these
other markets.

And so, we dutifully followed the instructions.
And we even set the temperature to 150ÂșC
and set it to a longer 15 minutes.

Although its soft like mashed potatoes,
everyone loved it. But for the price we
paid, its a bit stiff. I think I might buy
another when my pay comes it.
Soon. I hope.

Waterproof camera II

Another camera's gone. I got my guys to go back there today and told the customer the bad news. Unfortunately, they would not let us "sacrifice" any cameras to replace the faulty ones as all cameras were very important to them. If I happened to be there, I would very much like to say, "I told you so". This was because during our long discussions, I told them to get spare units just in case. But no, they bought exact units. And during installations, they were four units short. Actually, its really not our problem since they bought the cameras themselves and only need us to install and test them. But when it comes to a job, we have to be thorough.

Anyway, they have replied my E-Mail and the replacements should be arriving next week, plus spare units. Heh.

Here we go. The second camera is also affected.
So Boys and Girls, never point your butts to the
Sky or you'll be sorry. Very very sorry. Ha! ha!

See the gunk on the glass? I did not get the
chance to take this photo yesterday. Its so
weird what a little rain can do to the CCTV.

As usual, the water seeped through and flowed
through the wires and onto the circuit board.

This time, its worse. You can see the serious
rusting on the soldering.

And more than half the infra-red LEDs looked
bad. Well, I'll clean them up again as usual, and
let it dry for a bit. While I go about my work.

Here is another shot of the butt. You can see
some of the water trapped between the hole
and the tie-wrap. Other Made in China cams
have rubber bungs but not this one. This is
the real reason why we stuff them into the
weatherproof casings.

After the electronics have dried a bit, I tested
the camera. Seems the infra-red is ok on this
one. Looks like we saved it just in time. But as
for the real camera, I'll have to wait till its dry

My Boss gave us an earful about climbing
out of the windows. Then he showed us
the safety harness whic we should have
used. Apparently, the other tech knows
about it but did not tell the whole crew.