Funny or sad?

We often see images like this on the Internet, which comes as comic relief. But while raining on the road today, I saw how difficult it was for him to balance the umbrella and still ride the bike. Usually when it rains, the motorcyclists would seek shelter but for him to do this, it must be very important indeed. If the umbrella flew off and/or he lost his balance, I am not laughing as its not funny.

Not only that, he has only enough to get a bike and not a car like me.

New foodis

This caught my eye while I was hunting for some tid-bits to eat. I am reverting back to this habit because lately, I have been driving a lot and so, there is not really a good time nor reason for lunch.

So, now the Delicia series has come up with the Waffles to complement their Toast ems

From the outside, the waffle looks quite inviting. Since I am not sure of how it would taste like, I decided to play safe and chose vanilla.

I should not have bothered. Although the smell is good, the whole waffle was so dry, I felt as if I was eating paper pulp.

Luckily, I still have a backup but this package looks a bit weird, its like 'Looks like it, feels like it but it not it'

Yep, its not it and I cannot remember which is the actual brand. If you go around looking for these, they have the ssame design but different names. Very very weird.

Nokia C5-00

We're going to get Mommy a new phone. This was because her old phone is acting up again. We suspect its the old Nokia phone and its been years since she got an upgrade. And so, its time for a new phone. Unfortunately, Mommy has set the condition that the new phone must cost less than RM700 or so...

Finally, after much searching, we found the perfect phone for Mommy

So the young chap took her old phone and copied all the data into the new phone...

After an hour, he's still copying the phone....

Finally, the Nokia C5-00 is ready. I wanted her to have the next one up, which is a touch screen, called the Noka X700 or something. But Mommy wants this model because its cheap and its a natural upgrade for the Nokia 6300. Strangely, its OS is the Symbian, which is the same as the Nokia 5800. The plus side is that it has a built-in GPS moduke but no Wifi... Oh-oh...

29102012 Kaelynn's Last Concert

Today is a special day for Kaelynn. This will be her last concert and so, everyone is ready for the day.

First of all, we need to stop by for some breakfast. I am still not very used to Ksitine's haircut which I think is too short. but then again, this is the school regulation.

A quick take-away at the Clownhouse is the order of the day

With the smell in the car, it was hard to concentrate on the driving. Yep, I am hungry as well.

In the meantime, while the car was parked, Mommy did Kaelynn's face.

Which is not easy since she was curious about all the makeup stuff and also, its very hard to do a nice line using the car's courtesy light.

Still, what a sight to behold!

At the Registration. Kristine remembered some of her teachers and vice versa

At the same time, on the Ground Floor, there was a MAS recruitment and you should see the lines which stretched all the way to the main door

Nice setup but this time, the projector is very dim and also, the speakers are too loud.

In the meantime, Krsitine was still hungry and so, I took her to the MAS canteen which was opened (for the job applicants) while we waited for my Mom and Dad to arrive.

One of the models on display outside the Building's Main entrance. I believe SFTPMS can do better.

Concert went without a hitch with Kaelynn performing a wonderful somersault much to the delight of the audience. Then it went downhill when some Indian canine scolded my Wife for 'booking' all the seats meant for us leaving latecomers like her without any. And the husband, he just kept quiet while Wife told me not to intervene.

Another rare non fighting sisterly shot

Lunch at the Clubhouse, Chicken Maryland for the girls.
So, thats it and I am, glad we don't have to go through this ordeal since most of the students are of those type which causes a lot of unwanted friction for everyone. I am lucky we did not get into a fight there and then. I am sad also because this would be the last time, I could take photos of the girls in concert.

Of tilting heads and giving the double fingers

I still don't understand how they came to know about tilted heard and the 'V' signs. But anyhow, I guess this will be their general pose for the time being...

Also, this is the time Kristine does weird hair styles, but you can't really see them since she tied them at the back.

Not to be outdone, Kaelynn did a 'double' instead.

Hardwoking 6-leggers

As I parked my car at the roadside, thinking about my plans for the day, I noticed a lot of ant running about neat the car. This is a bit terrifying for me because, in the worse case scenario, some of the ants could hitch ride my car back to the house, take over the other ants, inter-cross breed to come out with a new generation of mutated ants which is impervious to insect repellents or blows-offs from the mouth.

Then a bright idea came, which is to drop some of my crisps in the hopes that they would eat it and go away. But I did not expect them to swarm over so fast and...

This is the first crisp I've dropped. Within minutes, scout ants came and well, staked their claim

Slightly much later, more ants came and did a heave-ho. Hey, I thought they're going to use their mandibles to cut them into smaller chunks but I was wrong.

Just to distract them further, I dropped two more crisps nearby but it took quite a bit before they start to take notice.

By this time, crisp#1 is already well underway to the nest, which I started to follow

OK, crisps #2 and 3 are being noticed and... hey, they're ignoring crisp#3! Is there a size quota?

Because the underground secret lair has a lot of leaves and obstacles, carrying the crisp proved to be quite a workout for the ants.

And then, the unthinkable happened. They took crisps#1 and 2 to the walls of the drain

Where they disappeared to the upper tunnel to where, I am not sure as from my side, I do not see any other drain covers since its full of grass.
Oh well, this did teach me a lesson about the ants. No, its not about wasting crisps but more of, how a problem can be solved using unconventional thinking. But because we, as humans, are not natural wall-crawlers, we too, have to find other solutions to a problem and not just use the usual route or have a very narrow thinking path.

Weird Denizens of Jalan Raja laut

Actually, I wouldn't call him weird but wearing a cap  like that in a hot weather is just tempting for my camera. And no, that green refuse bin is not his personal traveling bag.


What the...
Yes, 3! Three nose hairs when I meant to pull only the booger...

A good dig...

You know what constitutes as a good 'dig'? Imagine using your little pinkie, with its fingernail at its optimum length; not too long nor not too short. As you dig around, you feel the moist booger in there is ripe for digging. You move your little fingernail around, until it finds a grip in the hardened parts of the booger. And then, you slowly pull/'dig' it out, in a firm fashion. You cannot pull too fast in case the booger breaks and leaves you a yellowish slime hanging at the opening of the nostrils. So, you pull gently at first, until the hardened part starts to dislodge and suddenly, you realise you have hit paydirt...

Perfection. The hardened booger trapping a hair with its semi-solid tail pulling out the remaining of the booger. The feeling of this coming out of the inner nostril hole is well, quite satisfying. This means, no more digging around for the rest of the day.

Going to Ikea

Well, nothing much exciting here today. Just a normal trip to Ikea, Lots of nice things but as usual, nothing that I need.

Except for these lamps, which looks quite nice. Imagine living in a large empty warehouse and only with this lamp hanging just 2 feet above ground in one corner...

The usual sleepers

I know Ikea is huge but this is tiring...

The day after the Freezer Satay

Hello again. Guess what? Today is the 23rd of the month which is nothing special. But there is one thing I need to tell you, which is that today, is the day after yesterday.

And there are some leftover satay sauce along with some of my remaining special sardine mix.

What better to enjoy this feast with some slices of bread. Yeah!

 But honestly, I would avoid the last satay stick. By the looks of it, its as if there was a fight to the Death for this last stick of satay.

More Freezer Satay

Yep, its another round of Satay again, straight from the freezer to the... er, oven. But this time, there is a difference. Yep, my very own special sardine mix.

Again, I was very hungry and so, I forgo the normal procedure of asking more about the satay. Nowadays, its no the satay which interests me, but the prospect of eating cucumbers and onions coated with the curry peanut sauce.

And here is my special sardine mix. Actually, it nothing special about it since I make it everytime. The special part is that no one wants to eat it...
... except me. Nom nom nom nom nom...

Robbery @ Jln Chow Kit

Of all the bad luck in the World, it had to happen today. It rained like crazy AFTER I visited a customer on behalf of my Senior. And running from one street to another while using the envelope as a makeshift umbrella did not help. By the time I got to Jalan Chow Kit, I was literally soaking wet.

And then, I noticed something. Its very quiet. So quiet that you can hear the rain and nothing else. I won't say you can hear a pin drop because at that moment, no one dropped any pins. And the air was filled with a very tense atmosphere so thick, you can cut it with your presence. Yep, there was a robbery and the cops were all over the place, even the forensic guys were there (don't ask me why). earlier on, they were in a 4x4 rushing through the traffic lights. Anyway, with the rain and all, I only wanted to be in a warmer place and not soaking from shoulder to waist...

I wonder... nah. I am not going to go across and ask the cops where I can get those 'Police. Do not  cross' tapes.

Baked Beans

When I was small, whenever my Mom used to cook baked beans for me, it would be one of those styles which I liked. At first, I did not notice it because I took it for granted. As a kid, you just ate what your parents tell you without any fuss.

It was not until when I grew up that I realised baked beans was delicious. The reason being, it has tomato sauce and goes well with toast. And not only that, when you cook it with some meat and even add an egg, it goes extremely well with rice.

Fry the garlic and shallots (or onions), then the meat and finally, the baked beans. If you want, you can also whisk in an egg.

Then scoop the whole she-bang onto the rice, mix it well and enjoy. I would like to recommend eating with your hands but for some reason, its a bit gross when you're so overcome with emotion, you tend to squeeze the rice/beans mixture...

Something familiar?

I don't know who brought it back to the house but this was something very nostalgic when I was a kid in school. What you see here is actually a 'tikam' board, where you pay the man some money and you get to choose the tabs at the bottom. If the chosen tab reveals a number, you get to have the prize which the number points to. Its a bit like a roulette but to some quarters, its like gambling. To me, I don't give a shit. Just try your luck, la. I mean, if your God forbids it, he would have sent a lightning bolt or set you on fire the moment you pull the tab...

This time, its Angry Birds....


Its a habit for me to have a small dustbin in the car because its much better than cleaning up the floor mats all the time. And not only that, it can also serve as an emergency barf container. A very important feature when the girls were very young and prone to vomiting all over the car.

So, what do you do when your car' dustbin is full? Compact it, of course!

What you need to do is just drink something that has a cover. Then while stuck in the traffic jam or having a boring passenger, stuff as much rubbish from the bin into the bottle. You can keep the bottle in the car until its full but try not to drink from anything in the dark. Another reason why I chose the bottle is that its also a very good training equipment for your 'drive & throw' sessions...