System relocation II

The second relocation was in Plaza Sentral but we won't be doing it so soon until the cabling team finishes their work come this Saturday. But what I did not like was the amount of crockroaches in there. Sitting on their sofa just for a few seconds, I can see a few of them running about on the floor. And I won't be surprised when we move their phones........

Ok, so the system is crammed into a big cupboard and
although its shieded from the Sun, the case is yellowing
with age. Whoever serviced this system left a big mess.

This one was slow enough for me to catch it with my
Nokia 5800. Its about 3mm.

By the time I got home, I opened their Telephone
bill and found this sucker dead in my work case.
I quickly searched and emptied my case to make
sure there are no more stowaways.

System relocation I

Today, one of our customer is going to move office. And so, I have to help them in relocating the phone system too. Mind you, when I said, phone system, I mean phone system only. I will not be bringing the phonesets as this is the customer's responsibility. The main reason is, in the past, during the move, with so many things to take care off, we could be blamed if they are missing some phones or items even though we ensured that they were all accounted for. Moreover, since the phones are getting old, if we drop them or something else made them crack, we have to get them replaced. And so, from then on, even though we were trying to be helpful, in any system relocation, we only move the system.

Hiding silently behind the water
dispenser and the plastic plants,
this little fella has been a steady
worker from day one. Although
it was hidden out of sight, no one
would appreciate it until there is
a power failure or something
happened to it. Notice the one
grey cable hanging out of it.

And its been suffering in silence as some clumsy footed
moron must have tripped on the grey battery cable and
yanked the connectors out of the board.

You want me to mount it where?

While I had the time, I quickly looked at the damage
done to the battery connectors. OK, the damage is
consistent with a sharp tugging force applied to it

And with the connectors still intact, the good news is
that I can just re-solder it back to the circuit board.
See? Even the circuit board's tracks are OK.

The contractors who put this DB Box here only meant for
one single connector module and its not even a proper
disconnection module which is just a few ringgit more.
You really need it as this would let you connect to a
lightning arrestor. But alas, this was not the case. I
will need to talk to the customer on this.

And so, I replaced it with the customer's own DB box,
which by the way, looks the same but has the metal
"legs" to cater for more dis/connection modules. I
used the same entry hole as all the cables are coming
out from the white metal trunking on the right.

"You're going out for lunch?"
"Yeah, aren't you? You can come back and finish it later."
"Nah. Just lock the doors as I need to finish this, It'll be ready by the time you come back"

How the hell would I know they took a 2 hour lunch instead?