New Engineer in the Family

Honest to Goodness. I am not sure what happened. You remember those jokes about, "My kid can program the VCR/phone/nuclear warhead with their eyes shut while I can only program the rice cooker"? Well, it happened to me.

Kaelynn just took my phone, played with it for a few minutes, then switched it off before giving it to me. When I switched it on, the phone sort of changed. Its now running on actual V21 firmware with those fancy screen shrinking and effects. Yeah, it still hangs but not so much and also, it has come back to the original state of hanging during stand-by. It will be a few more days before I can see if it hangs during phone calls.........

Within a week of using my phone, she knows how
to get to the picture viewer, the calculator and
other what-nots. Maybe SHE could be the next
Engineer in the family.

Revoltech Protect Gear #061

Got this a few days ago, from Hong Kong and this guy ships very fast. This is the Protect Gear figure which looks like a Black German Soldier from WWII. The 12" version (from another company) costs quite a lot and so, I decided to settle for this small one instead. However, the toy shop in Amcorp Mall did not notify me when it came to Malaysia last year as promised and so, I did not know about this until I scouted eBay. At that time, I thought it was not produced at all. Heh. And here I am, complaining about the price of a RM39.90 43/4 inch Star Wars action figures..........

No only does he ship in bubble wrap, but the paper was
just enough to wrap the four sides.......

And so, the box was dented quite a bit. Then again, its
made of paper and I am not going to keep this in a glass
case or anything.

From the package, you have the figure
itself, which is painted in a combination
of matt and gloss black on PVC vinyl.
Then you have different guns and at
least three pairs of hands and the stand.
Oh, and the ammo bandolier is crap.

Not having a tripod is one thing
as its not easy to take pictures
without flash. And then, yeah,
I don't have a dedicated flash.
And so, its time to learn from
Loctor's photography lesson.

This was shot using Loctor's A4 paper and the
camera's built-in flash technique. I used this
before but with a 3M Scotch tape taped to the
flash unit year ago. Since there are no Scotch
tapes nearby..........
Anyway, see the difference? Loctor is so Pro!!!

The lighting is somewhat nice and brings out the
details of the model quite nicely. Since I took this
after dinner, all the economy rice polystyrene
containers have been thrown away and so, I can't
simulate a downcast sky.

Maybe I should have set the
White Balance to Fluorescent
instead of Cloudy. Then again,
its past midnight and I'm tired
from using my wrists as tripods

Latest news from Army Weekly:
The Budget for dyeing black uniforms
have been cut drastically along with
black boots and gas masks .........

How to view IR source cheaply

Just in case if you already do not know, you can any
Digital camera to view them. Except for the
this one needs to take the photos first
since what
you're seeing is the image reflected
from the mirror
and prism back to the viewfinder
and not directly
from the CCD element itself. So,
you can use your
Mobile Phone to do this too.
So, it would be silly to
waste Rm19.90 (and maybe a burnt finger) for a DIY

IR detector when you can spend hundreds and
thousands of ringgit for a honest to goodness real
deal Digital cam
to do it for you. Hah.

Modifying a switch Part II

Tonight, since I had a bit of time, I really went ahead about my theory of changing the normal white LED inside the switch to the bi-colour (Red/Green) LED. This is so that my project does not need to have so much buttons and switches (because I do not have any power tools, so, making those holes will definitely kill/sprain my hands). Yeah, I decided to make maximum use of space and all switches will do double duty as visual indicators too.

In my hurry, I have destroyed the small white LED.
I should have waited for the soldering iron to warm up
so I can desolder the metal contacts from the tiny little
resistor and diode before I can remove the LED. Now,
I realised why the White LED is so dim. They used a
1.2K Ohm resistor for a 12volt input. Should have used
half the value and the LED would be brighter. Also, they
inserted a diode there in case some bright spark used
the wrong polarity. But I tell you, the resistor is so
tiny (~ 4mm), its a wonder they can fit in there.
Here is how its done.
A: There is a reason why the White LED was so small. It was designed as a 3mm LED but with the lens taken out. So, this makes it shines forward. I could not find a 3mm Red/Green LED replacement and so, with a 5mm LED, it was too big to fit in without being hit by the switch button cover.
B: So, I have to unplug the LED module, desolder the metal connectors, cut off about 5mm or so of the while plastic column, at the same time making sure the orientation of the new LED is correct. If the voltage passes is positive, I want it to be green and if its the wrong polarity, I want it to be Red.
C: Put in the new 5mm LED, resolder the metal connectors and plug in back to the switch. So, now, you have the new 5mm modified LED module.
D: Now, when I press the button, the big 5mm LED will not obstruct it.

This is how it looks when the voltage is correct

And this is how it looks when the voltage is wrong

As a precaution, I soldered the resistors on the legs of
the LED's solder lug. Sometimes, it's too easy to forget
what you have done when you revisit the project at a
later date. By then, you would have assumed it is OK
because the wrong label outside says the LED is rated
12 volts when it's not, and blow it to Kingdom come.

Kristine's new glasses

A few days ago, she went with my parents to an Optometrist as my Dad needed some new glasses. After managing to impress the Lady with her counting skills there, she got a new Mickey Mouse glasses. Not sure if her story fits but its too good to be true. I might have to pay my Mom for this. Have not talked to my Mom as all these were her version.

Kristine showing her glasses. She was so excited that
she did not even wait for me to finish drying their hair.

As I was on the way to Melaka.......

I only had seconds to take some shots
I did not realise this nice scene as I was
tired and was moving out of the petrol
station. So, I quickly pulled over near
the exit. After that, the clouds covered

Seven Days

Tomorrow would be exactly one week where the both
of us fell sick. She has the flu while I have whatever
leftover. She was on MC for a few days while I was still
able to work but with a sore throat, running nose and
also, an in and out fever. Still, sharing whatever
medication she got, I felt a bit better, though. The rest
of the week, I downed litres of orange juice. But the girls
really enjoyed the week as they were both sent to sleep
with Grandma and Grandpa..................