22042016 Cucumber for Dinner

Sometimes, I really like to go all the way on simple things. Like tonight, I was anticipating a light dinner of sliced cucumber with some nice  sweet Soy sauce. However, at the market, things took on a different route.

It all started with me searching for the Kikkoman Soy Sauce which I thought was sweet, then on the way back, I bought quite a bit of spicy Yam cakes (which even the girls loved when they came over).

And so, I ended up making more food than planned. Yeah, it would be nice for two people over a conversation but its a nightmare for a stingy hermit. Still, I could not keep them in a fridge as I know they would taste horrible the next day.

The sauce: Kikkoman mixed with sliced onions, diced garlic and re-roasted sesame seed

The ingredients: Leftover pork fuchuk, sliced cucumbers and spicy yam cakes sprinkled with more leftover re-roasted sesame seeds

Note: The RM9.60 Kikkoman Soya sauce tasted like shit and its not the one I was looking for. Next time, I should also slice some chili too...

22042016 Gardenia has come to Kuching, so sell all your Gold!

A few monhts ago, for the first time I actually started to stay in Kuching, I was puzzled why there were no bread at the bread section. Heck, there's no bread section neither. Over in West Malaysia, I was used to see the bread section in all Supermarkets and I must say, we were spoilt for choice too. 

But over here, it seems that bread is not as important as I thought. And you need to go to a cake/pastry shop to get your bread which  averages to about RM3.50 per loaf. And if you do go to certain shops, the bread can have corn, pandan, raisin and other flavours too. Heck, who needs Gardenia, right?

The staff and colleagues love it when I went home for the Chinese New Year and brought back loaves of Gardenia's Delicia Butterscotch. Yep, its the Butterscotch which makes them smile. Its strange really, that despite us being Malaysians, there were certain items which never made is across the sea. For example, we have Gardenia and they have Grenadines (which makes me love it more than the common Rose Syrup). We have Mee Maggi Goreng and they have Kolo Mee and Kampua Mee (not Halal if you're asking)

Anyway, the price is a little shocking if you're a Butterscotch addict. You might want to hock off your stuff for more money...

The Staff was stacking the Gardenia shelf with yes, Delicia's Butterscotch!

But before you jump in happiness, look at the price which was more than doubled!

22042016 The Skies over here

Its already 4 months since I've been working in Kuching and let me tell you this:

The Skies of Kuching is beautiful. When I was inn the plane and about to land, its so mesmerising to see so many the cotton candy clouds floating over the city. And in most evenings, the Sunsets are something you want to stare at and wishing it would never end.

Granted the City is near the sea and enjoys bountiful rain, its the skies which are always full of fluffy clouds and you'd never know when it would rain. So, go to a wide open space, maybe near the Airport and enjoy the evening sky. Sometimes you can even see a rainbow or two...