Where married men hide B

OK, so they're not married but they're sure
hiding from something too. Ha ha ha ah ha

Once you scratch and polish your bird, you'd feel
happy, almost estatic because you did it yourself

There is another bird, which is the SR-71 Blackbird

Well, this is how big the model kit is, for the 1-metre
Enterprise model. And this is just the secondary hull

Where married men hide A

Let's face it. Everyone has a hobby. And nothing usually ever stops their hobby. You can have your Marriage, your Degree, etc. but you will still come back to it at one point or another. Look at it this way, we're not womanising, out boozing or knocking a few cans, OK? What we have here is the need to satisfy our inner child. So, do not worry if we're out for a few hours while you tend to the baby/kids/fire/dog, etc. We're just a few grown men, sitting quietly, piecing pieces of boring plastics and then using paint to disguise our blunders brought by our shaking hands and failing eyesight.

So, we're enjoying ourselves until my customer called me that there is a system failure (turned out be a faulty mains powerpoint) and I had to attend to it, even on a Sunday. But I am keen to help out in this project, which is to light up the 1-metre Star Trek Enterprise NCC 1701-A, and maybe, out it on my website as we progress. Who knows.

The Outpost has a place for members who needs the
privacy, away from the maddening crowd. Ha ha ha

One of the Models I so wanted: The Yukikaze

The Details are awesome

Just look at the boosters

Where married men hide C

The Observation lounge which is about almost 2inches
across. We're going to light that up too

How big is the saucer? Just look at the reference book
we're using!

Sunday Dim Sum A

With Kristine's and Kaelynn's Uncle treating them for a Dim Sum at Sri Petaling's Janbo, both of them were happy. This will be the second time (I think) Kaelynn has come out for a meal.

Kaelynn all dressed up for the event

At the restaurant, Kaelynn is already restless due
to the noise and new environment

My favourite, the congee (or porridge) and some pork

Kristine is already finishing hers and she is
not going to bother us because the food is
ok for her.

Sunday Dim Sum B

Kaelynn wanted to join us but because she is still
too young, I gave her something else to play with

Goodness! What is all that noise?

Its Kaelynn trying to climb to the table
And things went downhill from there
as my cup of tea was spilled, along
with a plate, etc. Ha ha ha ha