Organic Rolled Oats

The reason I bought rolled oat was because the current 3in1 felt insufficient and the Doc also told me that. And so, one day, while we were shopping, I got caught/trapped by a Saleslady selling this brand of oats. Originally, I wanted the other one, which, I think was, Quaker or something. Their oats comes in a tub while hers comes in a resealable bag.

Anyway, to cut the long, story short, she took my Quakers and handed me this instead. And a week later, when I tried it in the office, it was delicious. All I needed was a teaspoonful of those chicken soup powder and mixed it in, it was delicious!

The oats were soft and smooth.

Next time when I try, I'll see if I can eat it straight
out of the packet or not. Then I can add them to
some rice or nasi lemak, wantan mee, etc.