Drinking the Black Drink

You want to know what type of drinks the girls love? Anything that has artificial flavours and colouring, has lots of sugar and it must be carbonated. Yep. Plain water is for washing. Mommy made a new drink and they do not really like it. Its black, tastes sweet and flat. Flat as in Its-not-carbonated flat. Well, one out of three ain't so bad.......

I tricked the girls into coming down to the kitchen and trapped them each with the cups of black drink.........

This was more or less their expression once
they realised they have been tricked.

Kristine loves the drink

But Kaelynn does not. You know this when
she starts to put her fingers into her mouth

So Kristine suggested we pry open her mouth
and pour the drink into it.

An idea which she hated

Kristine is almost finished with her drink
which means she can leave the table

But Kaelynn was not that fortunate.
"Drink it, girl."


"Drink it or else...!"


And so, she pulled her last trick out of her sleeve,
which is the sleepy act. We all know how it'll turn
out. She WILL sleep and I will have to carry her
and yes, the drink will be left on the table. She wins