Mundane observations

After taking Kaelynn to school, I needed to stock up some immediate groceries, namely, edible stuff that can be used to encourage some kids to eat their breakfast.

Am I seeing this right? It costs more not to have sugar?
With sugar, its RM3.99 while without, its RM4.69.

Bought some of this bread because well, it tastes great but the girls hated it. I am going to let them try again tomorrow.

Seeing things from another light

One of the girls' favourite Aunt gave them a desk lamp because one of their cousin has no more use for it. Knowing the girls, one of them must also have one of the lamps. And so, we went to one of the shops to select one of the lamps from one of the shelves and also chose one of the colours...

Kaelynn has the Ikea Lamp

And Kristine has one of the other lamps

Rushing for Kristine

Just after the euphoria at the Electronics shop, I realised that I have less than 10 minutes to reach to Kristine's school to pick her up. Because it was already very late in the afternoon, there is no time for lunchies. So, I bought some deep fried wan tans and slices of pork for the girls to eat while we return home.

The wan tans and the slices pf pork were so delicious I had to make sure that Kaelynn kept some for Kristine.

Once Kristine was in the car, she was so famished that she gobbled up everything. In the meantime, Kaelynn was 'full' and fell asleep.

It came!

After picking up Kaelynn, I had roughly less than an hour before picking up Kristine. And so, I decided to pop down to Pasar Road to get some stuff for R&D on another project. While I was there, the owner was at the shop too and we talked a bit on the life in KL. Also, while discussing about my circuit board, he enquired his staff about the progress since it is very odd that there were no news from the PCB vendor. This was because, on the last communique, the vendor promised that they would get in touch with him should there be any problems in my design.

They did not and so, they went ahead with the production...

Which we both found out, much to my delight. But I am also at a loss for words because this caught me by surprise and I do not have the money with me not could I get Bruce to come up with his half in such a short time. And so, luckily, they were quite receptive to Mr. Chart's services.

Perfect. Its right here, in mu hands, after so many to and fro, its right here!
And so, the next step is to get the necessary components and solder them. Easier said than done because this means mucho $$$, something which I readily do not have...

It costs more to be sugar-free

Left normal Yakult: RM3.99
Right 50% less sugar Yakult: RM4.69