My new shaver

OK, so I got the Philips. It was Rm149, instead of the usual Rm229.00. Why? I am not sure. And I am not going to bother much about it. The main thing is, I got a shaver. But its really sad I have to fork out $$$ just because someone made it fall into the dustbin. Sigh.

Anyway, I am starting to like this shaver, at least three times a week, that is.

And so, like any other electrical consumer
product, it comes in a nicely designed box.

But Philips took it a step further with what looks like
a biodegradable container. But it reminds me of eggs.

OK, this is a very nice metal mesh bag.
I'll keep it until I find a use for it.

Like my previous shaver, there is a small button
which when you press it, the whole top assembly
will come loose. Here, with the spring loaded cover,
I think it will just flick all the hair all over the place.
OK, I like this because it reminds me of some Sci-Fi
container. But in this case, if it flips open in slow
motion, gives a hissing sound and smoke comes
out, I'd better throw it over to my neighbour's.

All I can say, cleaning the blades are going to be
a bit more than usual. But I love the chrome cover
design. Reminds me of the Millenium Falcon...

And here is the head assembly which sort of floats
about and its very good feeling when you start to
shave. But maybe, not as good as those funny
looking three bladed system which looks more like
some portable hi-tech 3-leaf clover.

I am not sure if this is a good idea to have the trimmer
assembly so long. All I could think of was how fragile it
would be when someone drops it.

And like any new shaver, it uses a power supply wall
adaptor, just like your Mobile Phone. Sure you can
plug 240 volts straight into it but you better have a
fire extinguisher ready. The whole exercise might
even shock you.

OK, this is a new one, which is a very good idea.
I think they're trying to tell you not to put the
scissors so near to the adaptor.

I have to let it run for awhile to remove all
the built-up energy from the batteries. It
all started from the old shaver which was
using NiCd batteries. Strange this shaver
had to run for more than 30 minutes.

OK, so the batt low indicator comes on and
when it is low, the shaver will switch itself

The instruction manual says to charge it for
four hours for a first time charge. No way am
I going to wait until 2Am in the morning.

Anyway, this is a nice shave. It would even
be nicer if my face was a bit drier. Although
it can do wet shave, I have never tried that
before. But somehow, splashing water onto
my face can not be considered wet shave....

Trip to Mid-Valley

We had to go to Mid-Valley today. Just as soon as I came back home, we literally rushed out. The main reason was that I really needed to shave properly and just using the current shaver with just half the blade is not easy when you're rushing for work in the morning. Initially, I wanted to just buy a replacement blade but after searching for it, I forgot to take down the model and the Salesperson has no recollection of the model I was talking about. Maybe that shaver is really old.....

My main aim was to go to Carrefour to look for them. But before we did, I decided to try a few places first since Carrefour was located at Lower Ground. So, we started from the top with Jayajusco where they moved all the shavers into one small shelf/box, as if it was not meant to be displayed. And then to MetroJaya where the vast range of personal grooming products consisted of hairdryers. And that was the closest thing to a shaver. And so, before we descent to Carrefour, I decided to stop by at Best Denki, which has never failed us before.

Near the entrance was some interaction multimedia
projector showing Koi fish in a pond. And the girls
promptly chased the fishes and stomped on them....

The Panasonic range was OK, I wanted the one on
the right, where they had a promotion for RM199
and you get a nose-hair trimmer as well. Well, uh,
OK, so I don't really know what to do with a nose
trimmer as it feels ackward to stick things up the
nose apart from the pinkie. Also, the rubber grip
would wear off after some time, which is not nice.
I liked the grip as it I as holding a Star Trek Phaser.

Then it was onwards to the Braun series. And they
are very very expensive. But I had my eye on their
most basic model on the right for Rm115. The one
on the right, for RM169 looks as if its meant for
people with ropes as hair. The better ones costs
RM300.00 onwards.

And so, its back to Philips. I chose the middle one as
it only charges in about one hour, just like my old one
and well, of all three brands, this one has a lighted on
off switch and you just press to switch it on or off. As
I looked at it, although the grip is not as good as the
Panasonic, it looks and feels Ok once you get used to it

Testing the shavers were OK but I really felt kind of queasy once I 'accidentally' opened up one demo shaver. You guessed it, there were hairs in it. In fact, other shavers all have hairs on it. But I do really need a shaver and so I have to hold it all in in case I go ballistic. And so, I kept my mind occupied with these thoughts:

Panasonic Shaver (RM199): Comes with a hair trimmer which has no use for me, except as a possible prop. Nice grip but when the rubber wear off, it looks crap. Moreover, the replacement blade and foil is going to be about RM150 or so.

Braun Shaver (RM115): All black, twist cover and excellent no-nonsense design. Never mind if this is the cheapest shaver of all but it uses 2x AA batteries which Wife said, I would go through them like there's no tomorrow. Because I was not into Braun, I did not bother to check on the cost of replacement blades. The plus side is when I change the batteries because its like taking out a nuclear reactor component. You have to pull, then twist the cover off. Now, only if I can fit in some blinking LEDs in there........

Philips Shaver (RM149): From performance point of view, this shaver uses NimH batteries, has red power LED, has red battery low LED, has green charging LED. This is also the only model which you do not need to physically exert your thumb/fingers to switch it on. However, the on/off button is plastic and the paint comes off easily. Replacement blades are cheaper than Panasonic. Another plus side is that the shaver head moves with the contours of your face.

Although all three can be washed/rinse under running water, ultimately, it was the use of rechargeable batteries and their charging times which conviced me. (But in reality, the LEDs have a role in it as well. I mean, the Panasonic also has some, but Philips beat them to it with two extra LED indicators.)

Anyway, its now time for dinner. As we walked away from Best Denki, there were a few choices, namely Delifrance and some pasta shop (It was once Noshinoya). We chose The Pasta Farm. Kenny Rogers, MacDonalds and KFC were out of the question. Maybe its new but the waiters were very polite and courteous too. However, we still have to queue up at the counter to get our orders, just like any other fast food. And yes, they're quite fast, which I suspect that they just Nuke the pasta and poured the sauce over. Or maybe, the pasta was already cooked but left lying on the table. Anyway, just for fun, we added RM3.20 for the extras, which was the cup of drink and soup of our choice.

After settling down on the shaver, we settled for dinner
which is some Pasta shop taking over Noshinoya or what
I though it was called. Ah, yes, Pasta Farm. I will now
tell you why
you want to forget this place. Never mind
if the soup comes in Chicken, Asparagus and Tomato
flavours. They taste as if they came out from Pizza Hut
moreso when its starting to get cold and its watery.

We were very hungry and so, apologies for this picture.
This is some Tomato ..... thing with prawns and peas.
After this, I would not touch their tomatoes anymore.

Mine was cheesy chicken. And after this, I would not
touch any cheese or chicken from this place either.

The girls 'enjoying' their tomato pasta thingy but
as soon as they saw my cheesy chicken and me
putting some more cheese, my dish got hijacked

Yep, cheese all over my pasta and by the time I got
mine back, well, I had to eat it, crap or no crap.

Later on, Wife got the Chicken Bolognese which tasted
just like the tomato pasta thingy.

The Anything-proof Shirt

I like this shirt not because its white or because of the smoothness of the cloth. No, sir. I like it
because its almost water-proof and stain-proof. A month ago, a clumsy waitress spilt some ice
cold 'leong char' on my back. Although I felt it, most of the liquid went to my pants and the chair. Then there was the incident where I ate curry mee without draining the curry soup. There were some curry spots which I just wiped it off. And today, while helping to move some dusty boxes, I just wet the shirt and used tissue paper to clean them off.

See? No dust or even cobwebs after I cleaned it