After waiting for almost nearly 2 decades, I have achieved one of my goals.

"To be able to approach them without forcing myself or planning to do it"

When I was still studying, the School Bus always passes by this street and there was the Kebab stall. Back then, I was curious about what ti was and I promised myself to get one with my own money and effort.

So, during lunch today, I went across the street (Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman) and bought myself a Kebab. It costs me RM2.20 for the ordinary sausage bun whereas the pita bread version sells for RM3.50.

What is so special about slices of meat poked through a steel spike and roasted in front of a hot grill? Yeah, I can't even answer that. And after a few bites, it was gone.

Still, it really made my day.