Mr. Fuji-san in ICU

Mr dear friend, Mr. Fuji-san, is now in ICU. It happened this morning when I was was going to work with him. He was on the seat, dozing off in his usual manner. As there was nothing interesting on the radio except for the usual Hitz.FM "Gotcha" prank calls, I decided to wake him up.

There was no response from him.

I flicked him again and it was the same.

I began to get worried as when this happened to his brother more than two years ago, the result was usually fatal. His brother suffered a torn eye muscle by the way, and slowly, the desease spread until he lost the whole eye. In the end, he was so weak and kept losing focus on the job, there was no other way but to let him go. I should have trusted my instinct when he started to forget whatever I said to him six months ago, especially after he consumed his four-packs.

"Maybe he is exhausted" I thought as I got him his favourite fresh four-pack juice. We were quite busy over the last three weeks, you see. There was a lot of shuttering and the occasional flash in the dark jokes.

Still, he did not stir.

As we had a busy schedule ahead of us, I reluctantly let Fuji-San rest while I clear all the calls. By the time I took him to the Hospital, he was already in critical condition. The Nurse tried various ways to revive Fuji-san but it was the same. She said he has to go into ICU. Unfortunately, she also mentioned that the Doctor will not be in for the weekend. So, she promised to contact me come next week.

After seeing Fuji-san carefully wheeled into the ward, I collected his belongings which the nurse has carefully wrapped: A piece of his mind and also his sun shades.

Hopefully, in a few days, I will then know what sickness Fuji-San has developed.