For nexus 02072010

Basket. Wasted my money SMS-ing and calling this fella.

One more time, "Read my Blog" for project updates.

That goes to everyone of you too, especially when you want to see progress of your projects I am working on. I don't want to sound harsh and cranky but I too, am busy with a lot of other things. And i cannot just sit and wait for you.

So, its very simple. As my job workload is increasing with alarming rate, I hardly have time to breath and so, chances are, I would forget to SMS or call you all for feedbacks. If you do not read my blog, you do not know what is happening. And when you do not know what is happening, you call me in the middle of my day-job only to have me reminding you to go read my blog. In the meantime, your project stops until you have read my blog, note the results and get in touch with me for further instructions, deadline or no deadline. And then, do not forget that I go to Pasar Road only on Saturdays and so, if you project needs modifications, you'd better tell me before Thursday so I have some time to re-design it. Otherwise it will be shafted to the next Saturday's trip (as in the next Saturday after this Saturday. Ha ha ha.)

Anyway, back to nexus's project, which is already late by a week.

I have speeded up the 555 timer module so fast that the four LEDs looked as if its permanently lit the whole time. I will add a second switch between the 555 module and the down counter module. This switch will act as the trigger. And so, in the video, the weapon will discharge the while 999 rounds of ammo in less than 10 seconds. But there is a small problem in the sense that when the module reaches '000', it will continue to '999'; it will not stop at '000' but goes in a loop instead. You need another circuit to do that and it comprises of a lot more logic chips and most probably a relay. So, the 9 volt battery might die faster than ever.

And so, here is the video:

[Update: 13072010]
Project thrown into the bin as requested. And I'm out by more than RM150.00