The De Lorean from BTTF I v1.01

Now, I just want to know, how do the lights operate
on a real DeLorean. I suppose I could design a
system where if it moved forward and stops, the
brake lights would come on. And it if reverses, the
reverse lights would come on and so on. But this
is not easy as it works on BTTF I but not one the
BTTF II car when it comes out in July. Should I
or should I not?

Going to the Hospital

We had to take Kaelynn to the Hospital today. A few days ago, she started coughing. And by Friday, you can hear her throaty cough which means there is phlegm in her lungs. And by Saturday, she could not sleep well as she kept crying and complaining of stomach pains. And she vomited too.

And so, by this morning, we took her to Assunta which the Doctor diagnosed her stomach pains as some hardened stools. As for her cough, she was prescribe with Combivent, which she needs to inhale for about 5 minutes so that the phlegm will sort of become liquidised and won't block her airways. And also, just in case, she was prescribed with antibiotics.

Waiting to see the Doctor was fast because
there were not much patients on Sundays

Normally, she was talkative, even with the
Doctor but this morning,
she just lay there
and let everyone
do their jobs, etc. You can
see she is very tired as she could not sleep
the whole night with the coughing. So,the
Doctor advised her to drink more water, eat
more fruits and drink more juice, something
which she neglects.

And so, after the consultation, Kaelynn had to
start the treatment. The Nurse set up the
inhaler mask and the medication, then plugged
the whole thing to the Oxygen tap on the wall.

Kaelynn has to breath through the mouth for the
medication to work. You can see the water droplets
forming on her 'moustache' and nose hairs........

And after 5 minutes or so, the Nurse cleaned
up the mask and gave it back to us as its a
'One-use" (what is that?) and might need it
on her next visit.

While Mommy went to pay at the counter, I let
her walk around the 7-11 store where she starts
to examine things to buy. All the while, she held
her hands behind her back as she walked around

Even when she was sick, she was still thinking
of her elder sister. So, she said, "One for me,
one for cjhieh jhieh."

What do you mean the Antibiotics costs Rm75.00!!!