Taking things for granted

Remember a few days ago, I have given up on those monkeys at the shop and decided to go for more professional help? Yep, I went with RS Components. After a quick call, the pleasant lady manning (ha ha ha) the phone was quite helpful and promised my order would be arriving within 4 working days. Yes! That really made my day.

Until today that is, when I needed to pay for those items. Although they have conveniently faxed instructions on how to pay them, since I was nearby, I decided to pay (bwahahahah) a personal visit. When I reached the counter, I was suprised that my order has not been processed since Friday. Not only that, my company's account with them also does not exist even though the lady on the phone last week claimed it was. Just to make sure, the nice Indian gilr at the counter showed proved it to me on the monitor screen. So, I have no choice but to get them to create the account and re-order the parts again.

And this time, I am going to call them now and again just to make sure as my project has already been critically delayed to the point of no return. Seriously, if it does not come on Friday, its going to be a bust as the shop guys would not be able to do anything for me too.

Haih. And I wonder how Malaysia can still advance. I am quite sick of not having the resources to do anything.

Yes, you are correct........

And dem buns are still in there....

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