Coming back from the Doctors

I was late coming back this evening and so, everyone had taken Kristine to see a Doctor. By the time they came back more than two hours later, guess who was the happiest person in the car?

Yeah, its none other than Kaelynn as she gets
to enjoy a Kit Kat ice-cream and also making
fun at Kristine, running and shouting all over

But poor, poor Kristine, she look and felt
very exhausted. So I carried her to the
lobby for her to rest a bit before dinner

Even the TV was of no help as she
was so sick that she's really not in
the mood for anything. She's also
not very happy when we went anal
on her when it came to medication

As of late, I have also banned the
girls from entering Mom's room
as they are now really addicted
to the Cartoon channels.

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