Kotobukiya MW20

I got this at XL-Shop while being at The Empire (instead of the Border Break models). And man, I wanted this straight away even though I still have to pay for it first. What is so interesting is that Koto (short for Kotobukiya, my term) has come up with a lot of accessories for those robot models. especially Gundams. Hooks, weapons, cross hatches, square boxes, vents, etc. looks very nice and actually complements the model, making it a lot more realistic.

But please do not put too much stuff on your model or else it would look weird. Also, try to make it look believable too. I mean, have you ever seen a tank with gigantic rivets that sticks out like pimples? How about a Ferrari with round bezels all over the place?

This is the MW20, from Kotobukiya. How do I
know that? Because the plastic bag says so. And
not only that, I got a new XL-Shop stamp card.

Once you open it up, you are presented with three
grey plastic sprues and a wind-up motor. And you
can build this model up in just under an hour. That
is, unless you dare to skip breakfast/lunch/dinner
set by your ever loving, beautiful, hardworking,
intelligent, thin, sexy, smart Wife.

Yes, its really a wind up motor
in there. But I have plans to
replace it because its too slow
for my liking.

Overall, when fully built, I think its about four
inches in length. Which is great for a 1/100th
Scale Gundam, 1/35 Patlabor or even a Falke.
(Oops... did I say Falke? No? Never mind)

Uncle Loong supports playing responsibly. So, even
if you have your IC/MyKAD, you are still not allowed
to play unless you have a Driver's license or got 10
or even 1 million zillion gadzillion A's for your PMR.

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